Jordan Travel Tips

Jordan is located in western Asia and is part of the Arabian Plateau. It is a Middle Eastern country. Jordan has a rich history, magnificent sights, friendly people. Is it safe to travel to Jordan? What are the precautions for traveling in Jordan? Do you know anything about Jordan? We guess that you may heard about Jordan before, however, if you're planning a trip to Jordan soon, reading some travel tips for Jordan will be better. As an experienced travel agency, professional travel advisors from TAT have listed some useful Jordan travel tips for you, which are mainly about the best time to visit Jordan, top things to do in Jordan, best food to eat in Jordan, top hotels to choose in Jordan, and some other travel tips you might want to know.


Best Time to Travel to Jordan

Why travel to Jordan? When is the best time to travel to Jordan? The best time to travel to Jordan is from October to May of the following year.

Money & Costs in Jordan Travel

Jordanian Dinar banknotes vary in size and vary with the denomination. , 10, 20, 50 dinars. The currency units are Dirham, Piast and Phil, 1 Dinar = 10 Dirham = 100 Piast = 1000 Phil.

Transport in Jordan

What are the modes of transportation in Jordan? Jordan's transportation is very convenient. Cars, taxis, planes, trains and other modes of transportation are yours to choose from.The following is a reference to the mode of transportation for traveling in Jordan.

Where is Jordan

Where is Jordan? Jordan is located in western Asia, northwest of the Arabian Peninsula, adjacent to Palestine and Israel to the west, Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast, and Saudi Arabia to the southeast and south.

What to Pack to Jordan

What to wear in Jordan? Before traveling to Jordan, what to pack in my suitcase for a trip to Jordan? Some clothing and travel tips here are useful for your trip to Jordan.