Money & Costs in Jordan Travel

Jordan is located in western Asia, northwest of the Arabian Peninsula, adjacent to Palestine and Israel to the west, bordering Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast, and Saudi Arabia to the southeast and south. Jordan is a relatively small Arab country, but compared with neighboring countries, Jordan is stable in terms of political, economic and cultural life. Tourism is one of Jordan's pillar industries. Attractions such as the ancient city of Petra, the Dead Sea and the Wadi Rum Desert have become the preferred destinations for adventure travel and leisure vacations for tourists from all over the world. Jordan, which was selected as one of the "Top Ten Destinations in 2019" by Lonely Planet, is a mysterious ancient region in the Middle East: the magical Dead Sea, the seven wonders of the world, and countless cultural heritages. Every element is full of attraction. What currency is used in Jordan? How much does a trip to Jordan cost?


Jordanian currency

Jordan's full name is The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The currency in circulation is Jordanian Dinar (currency code: JOD). Jordanian Dinar banknotes vary in size and vary with the denomination. , 10, 20, 50 dinars. The currency units are Dirham, Piast and Phil, 1 Dinar = 10 Dirham = 100 Piast = 1000 Phil.



Jordanian prices and exchange rates

Jordan's exchange rate and price exchange rate is 100 US dollars to 70JD. Compared with many Asian countries, the travel cost is much higher. For meals, accommodation, and shopping, service tax and city tax must be included, totaling 17%. A can of Coke is about 2-3JD; a chicken roll set meal is about 5-8JD. So a trip to Jordan must cost 3 times more than a trip to Southeast Asia.


Air tickets

How to choose the flight ticket? The more recommended ones are Tower Airline and Emirates Airline, which have shorter transit times. For a cheaper price, consider Egypt Air.


Hotel reservation

Hotel reservation guide: Jordan hotels are very high, including hotels. They are not only expensive but also try to book in advance. For example, the hotel by the Dead Sea cannot be booked very early. If you want to live in a lake view room, you must book in advance.



How to apply for a Jordanian visa: The most convenient and cost-effective way is to buy a Jordan Pass, which can be purchased on the official website. There are three prices in total, 70JD is a one-day tour, 75JD is a two-day tour, and 80JD is a three-day tour. Personally recommend a two-day ticket of 75JD. If you stay in Jordan for 3 nights with the Jordan Pass, you can get rid of the 40JD visa fee. If time is too late, you can choose to apply for a visa on arrival, which is very smooth. You can pay by credit card, and cash payment needs to be paid in Jordanian currency. If you only have US dollars, you can exchange it at the exchange point at the customs.


Exchange office

Before entering the customs at Amman Airport, there is a currency exchange office, which accepts US dollars, euros, etc. (RMB is not accepted), but the exchange rate here is not very good, you can exchange 100 US dollars to pay the visa fee. When you arrive in downtown Amman, you will find more exchange points with better exchange rates.


ATM machine

UnionPay cards can be used to withdraw cash from the ATMs of many banks in Jordan (some do not have the UnionPay logo). Among them, HOUSING BANK and ABC BANK are free of handling fees, while other banks will charge a handling fee of 2.5 dinars for each transaction (this is the local Bank charges, any card is unavoidable)




WIFI is popular in Jordan, and hotels have WIFI. Most travelers stay in Jordan for a short period of time, and due to the popularity of WIFI, they often do not need to apply for a local mobile phone number. If you need to do it, take Orange, a commonly used mobile communication operator, as an example. The price of a new number is about 5JD (about 45 yuan), and there is a 3JD balance (about 27 yuan). It is more expensive to use the network traffic directly. The package is a 3JD package of 250MB for one month. Cross-border text messages cannot be sent directly. To check the balance, dial 155# to display the call balance and network balance immediately. After every call and every text message, the cost and balance will be automatically displayed.


Special food

  • Falafel: Jordanian specialty snack, a kind of fried vegetarian balls, which can be used as a main meal or a snack, usually accompanied by vegetables and salad, wrapped in a flatbread, it becomes a sandwich, national food, price Not expensive. The Hashem restaurant in downtown Amman is famous for this.
  • Hummus: This is a very traditional Arabian side dish. Chickpeas are ground into bean paste, drizzled with sesame paste, drizzled with olive oil, and mixed with special spices. The taste is salty and mellow.
  • Lamb Pilaf (Mensaf): Also an Arabian specialty, spice fried rice with a chunk of lamb is suitable for carnivores. The Mensaf of the Jerusalem restaurant in Amman is the most famous and the most expensive, at 5.5JD.
  • Turkey Kebab: A kind of food that all countries along the Mediterranean coast love to eat, a large mass of chicken and mutton, roasted on a skewer, when someone orders, the chef cuts some minced meat with a sharp knife and mixes it with vegetables Salad, eaten in a flatbread roll.
  • Sugarcane juice: Jordan's national drink, 0.5JD, can be seen everywhere on the streets.

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