Jordan Culture & Custom

Jordan is a Muslim country, Islam is the state religion, and 95% of its population is Muslim. Therefore, the customs and habits of Jordan have brought a strong Islamic color. High minarets of mosques can be seen everywhere in cities and villages. The staple food of Jordanians is bread, tortilla, rice, etc., the non-staple food is cattle, sheep, and chicken products, and the beverages are coffee, tea, yogurt, etc. Jordanians are polite and unhurried. When they talk to people, they like to be close, and they are used to looking at each other. It is disrespectful to look away or look around.


Jordanians consider the left hand unclean and only use the right hand to shake hands, pass objects and food. Taboo other people's feet towards their own. Do not touch the head of a child. When cutting hair, the barber must read two verses before touching a person's head. Jordanians believe that yellow symbolizes death, so yellow is taboo. In Jordan, it is absolutely not allowed to photograph or take pictures of women. Avoid talking about Middle East politics, religion and women's rights. To know some etiquette and taboo in Jordan, the following articles will be useful.