Jordan Top Recommendations

Jordan is a country with a long history and an ancient civilization. This country deep in the desert is full of cultural relics and unique charm. Every year from October to May of the following year is the rainy season in Jordan. The rainy season in Jordan is only relatively dry season with more precipitation, and the climate is mild and humid. It is the best time to travel in Jordan. Floating in the Dead Sea, going to Petra to see the night view, diving in the waters of Aqaba, walking the Roman streets of Jerash and eating Jordanian food are all must-experiences when traveling to Jordan. If you have no idea about how to make an ideal tour plan for Jordan, this section about Jordan top recommendations will introduce you the best places to visit in Jordan, the top popular food you should try and the best handicrafts you can buy in Jordan. For more top recommendations for Jordan, please ask us for help whenever you have questions.