Top 8 Handicrafts and Souvenirs of Jordan

What specialties does Jordan have? Jordan is located in the western part of Asia. It is not only beautiful here, but also has many unexpected specialties. Friends who come to travel may wish to bring some back to relatives and friends. Let me introduce you to what to buy in Jordan. Jordan's must-have souvenirs include mosaic decorative paintings, sand vase paintings, Arabian aromatherapy lamps, carpets, Amman wine and dates.


1. Mosaic decorative painting

Mosaic decorative painting is a famous specialty of Jordan. It is a combination of small mosaic tiles of various colors to form a beautiful picture, and some mosaic design elements are decorated into mirror frames and picture frames, attracting the attention of many Chinese tourists.


The mosaic wallpaper and floor tiles here are very good, and they are sold in all major shopping malls. For the production of mosaic paintings, first make the pattern, and then paste the colored stones one by one. The price of mosaic crafts is not cheap. You can decide whether to buy it or not depending on your budget.



2. Painting in a bottle

Sand bottle painting is the most representative tourist souvenir in Jordan. People use special tools to pour colorful sand into glass bottles of various shapes. Using the plasticity of sand, they do not use any adhesives to build colorful sand in the bottle. desert wonders. Colorful fine sands create fascinating pictures in narrow-mouthed glass jars, an art unique to Jordan.


In fact, the picture in a bottle is quite common in Jordan, and you can buy it everywhere, and the key price is very cheap. The small sand bottle is about 10 centimeters high, and the large one is dozens of centimeters high, and each bottle has realistic and strange paintings. There are simple geometric patterns, as well as complex desert scenery, seaside scenery, etc., you can choose according to your own preferences.



3. Arabian aroma lamp

The aroma lamp originated from the ancient Arabic myth "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp". This beautiful fairy tale vividly depicts the protagonist, the poor child Aladdin, with a bizarre and changeable theme, free and easy artistic techniques and unpredictable oriental colors. I found a magic lamp that can make all my wishes come true by wiping it lightly, and the story of the legendary life I experienced because of it. Jordan's Arabian traditional aromatherapy lamp, made of porcelain glass, with Arabian aromatherapy essential oil, has a pleasant aroma and beautiful appearance.


4. Carpet

The most creative expression of Islamic art is the carpet. Its bright colors and delicate patterns fully embody the essence of Islamic art and culture. A small carpet is a treasure. There are many types of carpets, including wool carpets, hemp carpets, and the most expensive silk carpets. The price of pure silk carpets is almost 3 times that of ordinary carpets. To test whether pure wool can be burned by fire, it only shines and does not catch fire, and it emits a smell like burning hair. It is genuine. If you're obsessed with rugs when traveling to Jordan, take one or two with you.



5. Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea mud should be better than Jordan's, because Israel's industry is far stronger than Jordan's, so Israel's Dead Sea mud processing contains more chemical elements, which is relatively pure compared to Jordan's. If you go to Israel to play, you can buy the AVAHA brand of Dead Sea products. If you are in Jordan, you can buy the products you want at the airport, and you can also buy them in the Dead Sea. If you have a driver when you travel to the Dead Sea, tell me He takes you to some stores near the Dead Sea to buy the products you want, which is also highly recommended.



6. Dead Sea bath salts

Dead Sea bath salts are a good skin care product. We use local materials to give the skin a natural care. Dead Sea mud is rich in minerals, which has an extremely magical effect on regulating the acid-base balance of the skin, maintaining skin cells and tissues, and can remove aging skin cells. In addition to cleaning, Dead Sea bath salts contain a variety of trace elements such as iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, etc., which can also remove melanin for the skin, and can really effectively whiten and remove freckles. And the particles in it can also remove old dead cutin, acne, acne and so on.



7. Amman wine

Amman's wine-making tradition dates back to Biblical times, and many of the wines, with prototype badges for international awards, are locally made. Many people start their trips to Jordan with wine. When you travel to Jordan, you can taste the unique taste and quality of wine,

While munching on delicious breads, cheeses and charcuterie platters, enjoy the pleasure of fine wine and food in a relaxed atmosphere. Bringing a bottle or two of wine back home is also highly recommended, as the wines here are really good.


8. Jordanian Dates

Date palm is regarded as a food bestowed by God in the Islamic scriptures, and is known as "desert bread" and "natural fructose". There is a proverb in the Middle East: Eating dates every day will prevent poisonous evils. Date palm, non-coconut non-date, is a fruit of the palm family. In the mysterious country, Saudi Arabia, the warm sunlight and the clear flow of the Jordan River, coupled with the date palm's drought-resistant, alkali-resistant and heat-resistant properties, created the vitamin pills in this fruit. Jordan's specialty date palm, full of milk flavor, crystal clear, filled with dried fruit, excellent workmanship, a good gift.

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