Top 7 Things to Do in Jordan

In the Middle East, there is such a piece of land, which is like an isolated island in a turbulent world. There is no war, no luxury and impetuousness, but it has a long history, peculiar landforms, and an open attitude. Back Garden, named by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 best countries to travel to in 2019. Jordan, a small country in the Middle East with a population of less than 10 million, covers an area of only 90,000 square kilometers, but more than 4 million tourists visit every year!


What are the must-haves when traveling to Jordan? Come here, you can enjoy the most shocking human and natural landscapes in the world: Petra, the ancient city of roses, one of the seven wonders of the world, Wadi Rum, the Mars-like "Moon Valley", etc., feel the rare, especially free and open The warmth and friendliness of the Islamic countries, close to and experience the mysterious Dead Sea, the colorful Red Sea and countless magnificent canyons.


1. Travel to the capital most unlike the capital - the "white city" Amman

Here you can't feel too much prosperity of the capital, the roads are relatively narrow, and there are no high-rise buildings. They are all houses built on the hills, and it feels like traveling through time and space. You can choose to stroll around the city of Amman, walk around the Roman Theater, and take a seat in the seat that was reserved for princes and nobles at that time. Stop by Citadel Hill again, walk the bazaars and streets, and get a feel for life in the Jordanian capital.



2. Explore the footprints of history - Petra, the ancient city of roses

Petra, one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, is one of the "Seven Wonders of the World" together with the Great Wall and Machu Picchu". The entire city of Petra was carved out of rock. Hundreds of ancient buildings, mausoleums, baths, sacrificial halls, temples, streets lined with columns, and rock reliefs, where the filming of Transformers took place. You can take a carriage or a camel to roam the ancient city and explore the past and present of the ancient city. Or take part in the night of Petra and experience the sacred and solemn blessing ceremony. Petra is a huge group of ruins with scattered internal attractions. You can spend a whole day walking around. If you want to play in depth, 2-3 days can be fully arranged.



3. Go to Moon Valley Wadi Rum - experience a jeep ride

The vast red sand, undulating mountains and rocks, and a magnificent view, this is the Moon Canyon Wadi Rum, a magical landform, considered to be the closest place to Mars on Earth, and a filming location frequently visited by Hollywood movies. A must punch card for tourists to Jordan. Here, the most attractive must be the desert experience project! Take an off-road vehicle or a camel into the desert, narrow canyons, natural arches, towering cliffs, huge sand dunes, caves, this is probably the feeling of stepping on an alien planet! If you don’t like it too exciting, you can sit on the red sand dunes. The sand in the entire sand pile is very fine and reddish-brown, which is very suitable as a photo background.



4. Exploring the Underwater World - Red Sea Diving

Aqaba, a seaside city in the southernmost part of Jordan, because it is located on the edge of the Red Sea, its urban style is completely different from other cities in Jordan, and has the style of a delicate seaside town. The visibility of the Red Sea is extremely high, the blue water is layered, and the beach is a little pink. You can dive into the azure blue sea, be in the company of dazzling coral reefs, colorful swimming fish, and come into close contact with clownfish, Picasso tiger fish, parrotfish and whale shark.



5. Go to the Dead Sea, the valley of the earth - experience the joy of floating

The Dead Sea is -442 meters above sea level, the lowest lake in the world, the deepest saltwater lake in the world, and the third most salty water body on earth! The large amount of minerals in the lake has a certain soothing and analgesic effect. It is said that the Dead Sea has become a holy place for people to recuperate since the time of King Herod. You can choose a beach that is far away from the people, with the sun scorching, floating on the surface of the Dead Sea, allowing your skin to absorb the healthy nutrients of the water. Or indulge in an ancient remedy, the Dead Sea mud bath, a unique experience not to be missed on any trip to Jordan.



6. Feel the desert starry sky feast - bubble tent camp

The bubble star tent camp in Wadi Rum definitely deserves the word "luxury". Clean big bed, sofa, private terrace with exclusive night view, independent bathroom, interiors are mainly Bedouin-style design, transparent bubble-shaped skylight frame, you can lie on the bed and enjoy the desert starry sky and the Milky Way. If you have a starry sky shooting plan, you can go to the Bubble Starry Tent Camp to experience the desert starry feast.



7. Take a dip in the top ten swimming pools in the world - Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea

The Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea not only has a long private Dead Sea beach, but its infinity pool has also been selected as one of the top ten swimming pools in the world by the travel bible "National Geographic". Actor Pitt and actress Jolie have stayed here. It is only a 1-minute walk from the dead sea, the wonder of the earth, and you can overlook the magnificent Dead Sea sunset 360 degrees.


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