What to Pack to Jordan

Jordan is a mysterious country, and many people come to Jordan every year. Whether it is to travel or study, going abroad still needs and is enough. For example, packing luggage is a very troublesome thing. It is recommended that luggage should be light. What should I prepare before going to Jordan?


First of all, the important documents to prepare for going abroad are passports and visas. These are a condition for us to go abroad. If there are any documents missing, the customs will not send them abroad. If you want to travel to Jordan, you can go with a tour group, so that the tour group can help you with the visa application, which is suitable for those who are relatively busy. However, if you are traveling independently, you must apply for your relevant documents one month in advance.


Next is your luggage. It takes at least one day to prepare the luggage. If you pack it a day or two in advance, you can find out what you have forgotten in time. Because you want to go abroad, you must know what you can't bring with you when you travel in Jordan or go abroad. It does not mean that everything you bring is allowed by the customs. It is best to first understand what you cannot bring, or what quantity requirements are required, so that you do not need to take out the things you have packed. The luggage should be Mainly light, don't bring too many things.


Finally, it is necessary to understand the precautions for tourism in Jordan, such as some local customs and taboos in Jordan. When you go to other people's sites, you must follow the customs of the country and not act independently or act according to your own behavior and habits in the country, which will also attract local people. misunderstanding. You should also understand the weather. Only by knowing the weather in Jordan can you pack your luggage and bring appropriate clothing.


What to bring to Jordan

1. Buy insurance

Due to the complex environment in Jordan we are going to, there are not only mountains with cliffs and cliffs, standing majestically, and going straight to the sky, but also forest areas with green trees, budding spring trees, returning to the earth in spring, fragrance of osmanthus, and shadows of lakes and pagodas. , The lake is as flat as a mirror and the lake is clear. The requirements for physical fitness and physical strength are relatively high, and accidents may occur. Usually, travel agencies with cheap prices and detailed contracts like China Travel Service will buy enough insurance for tourists. You can also buy relevant insurance separately to give yourself more protection.


2. Passport and mobile phone

Whether you choose to travel as a partner, bike tour or independent traveler, a passport is essential. In addition, couples who are easy to forget things must remember to bring their mobile phones. The author reminds you that the voltage in Jordan is mostly 220V, and some areas are 110V, so it is best to bring a universal power outlet.



3. Toiletries

At present, Jordan is promoting environmental protection. Many hotels such as New World Radisson Blu Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Golden Dragon Hotel, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Wyndham Peace International Hotel and other hotels sometimes do not provide toiletries. According to the suggestion of China International Travel Service It's best to prepare in advance.


4. Voltage

The Israeli power supply is 220V, and the plug is a triangular circular plug; the Jordanian power supply is 230V, and the plug is a two-cornered circular plug; please bring your own universal plug.


5. Clothing

Jordan and Israel are located in the Middle East and the Mediterranean coast. The weather is often dry and there is little rainfall. There is no obvious rainy season throughout the year. The clothing is mainly light, practical and comfortable, but it is better to dress neatly on some special occasions; visit in Jordan and Israel In more serious places such as churches, it is not appropriate to wear shorts, vests and other clothing. Since Jordan and Israel are very large and the weather is unpredictable, please bring your coats, warm clothes, rain gear, etc. in case of emergency. Group members who are interested in swimming and water sports can bring swimwear, shorts, and rubber slippers. At the same time, the local weather is very dry, so please bring moisturizer.



6. A small amount of cash and credit cards

Exchange some local bills and coins for small purchases or tipping. It is most convenient to bring a credit card when traveling abroad. Generally, you can get discounts when using a credit card for consumption.


7. Some necessary medicines

Necessary medicines such as anti-inflammatory drugs, band-aids, wind oil, cold medicine, painkillers, motion sickness medicines, antidiarrheal medicines, and sunscreen creams can be brought with you for emergencies.

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