Top 13 Best Food in Japan


When it comes to the great food country that people all over the world love, it is definitely Japan! Sashimi, barbecue, sushi, sukiyaki, ramen, pork cutlet, octopus, Japanese pastry are all well-known national cuisines in Japan.

Japanese cuisine does not advocate adding too much seasoning, and the taste is light. There is a high demand for dishes. Not only use a variety of very delicate containers to hold food, but also have a very delicate consideration of the shape, arrangement and color of the food. What is best food in Japan? Here recommend you top 10 best food in Japan.


No.1 Food in Japan – Sushi

Sushi japan

Sushi is one of the Japanese's favorite traditional foods. The main ingredients are cold rice seasoned with vinegar, plus a kind of food made from fish, seafood, vegetables or eggs. Sushi can be used as a snack or as a full meal. There are many types of Sushi. The ingredients for sushi can be raw, cooked, or marinated. The price of sushi varies depending on the ingredients.


No.2 Food in Japan – Sashimi

Sashimi japan

Sashimi, also known as sashimi, is made from fresh sea fish and sea shells, and is made from soy sauce and wasabi. It is the closest dish in Japanese cuisine.

Eating sashimi requires seasoning with mustard and soy sauce. You can put the mustard in a dish and mix it with the soy sauce and eat it directly. If you are eating sashimi for the first time, you must first taste a small bite to adapt to the spicy taste of mustard. It is best to prepare paper in your hand to prevent tears from flowing.


No.3 Food in Japan – Ramen

Ramen japan

There are many types of Japanese ramen. From the soup, there are four soups in Japanese ramen: soy sauce ramen, miso ramen, pork bone soup ramen, and salt soup ramen.

Soy sauce ramen is prepared by adding soy sauce and dried fish to chicken bone stock. Miso Ramen is made by mixing pork bones, chicken bones and fresh vegetables with miso sauce. Pork bone ramen is made by simmering pork bones with scallions, garlic and sesame oil. Salt soup ramen is made by kneading salt with vegetables such as cabbage and bean sprouts.

Two Michelin one star ramen shops:

Minglong: 2-34-4, Namdae-eup, Yeouido-ku, Tokyo, Japan 1F

1-14-1 Plateau-Saka 1F, Yeouido-ku, Tokyo


No.4 Food in Japan – Udon noodle

Udon noodle japan

Udon noodles is a Japanese noodles made from wheat. It is also called Japan's three noodles with Japanese soba noodles and green tea noodles. Udon noodles are made with salt water. The taste is between the cut noodles and rice noodles. The palate is soft, and with the carefully prepared soup, it becomes a delicious pasta. In the winter, add hot soup to the udon noodles, and in the summer, cool the udon noodles.


No.5 Food in Japan - Soba noodles

Soba noodles japan

Soba noodles are made out of buckwheat. A popular and inexpensive fast food item, soba is served in a wide variety of dishes, and is served hot in the winter and cold for the summer.


No.6 Food in Japan – Tempura

Tempura japan

Tempura is a fried food in Japanese cuisine. Using flour, eggs and water, and pulp, fresh fish and seasonal vegetables are smeared in a frying pan to fry the food into golden yellow. When you eat tempura, simmer the sauce and radish puree. The varieties include vegetable tempura, seafood tempura, assorted tempura and so on.


No.7 Food in Japan – Eel

Eel japan

In Japan, any restaurant or even a western restaurant has a food called “salmon with rice”. There are countless restaurants in Japan that specialize in eating salmon.


No.8 Food in Japan –Japanese pastry

Japanese pastry

It refers to all Japanese-style pastries. In addition to the fine fruits that we know, it also includes rice cakes, small steamed buns, rice noodles, lamb, squid and small pancakes.


No.9 Food in Japan – Japanese Nabe

Japanese Nabe

Japanese hot pot is a traditional Japanese diet, with a long history and delicious taste. There are sukiyaki hot pot, seafood hot pot  and so on. Traditional Japanese hot pot is nutritious and delicious. Not only is the ingredients rich, but the soup, sauce and seasoning are also very unique. With the different shades of the soup, the ingredients of the ingredients are different, and the sauces are ingeniously matched, changing the hot pot of different flavors.


No.10 Food in Japan – Wagyu

Wagyu japan

It is a high-quality beef that is now popular in the world –Wagyu. When US President Barack Obama visited Japan, he proposed "I want to taste Kobe beef (one of the brands of Wagyu). The beef is soft and unique.


No.11 Food in Japan – Kaiseki

Kaiseki japan

Kaiseki cuisine is a high-end Japanese-style dining style that has a far-reaching relationship with the tea ceremony. The general diners sit in the Japanese courtyard, and the store presents the delicate dishes in order. It is not only the taste of the ingredients, but also a feel of Sincerity. There are old shops selling Kaiseki cuisine all over Japan, among which Kaiseki cuisine in Kyoto is the most famous.


No.12 Food in Japan – Gyoza

Gyoza japan

Gyoza is the Japanese version of Chinese pot stickers. They are usually smaller than their Chinese counterpart, and have more finely textured fillings and thinner, crispier skin.


No.13 Food in Japan – Miso soup

Miso soup japan

Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup that consists of softened miso paste, diced tofu, seaweed, and scallions.

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