Japan Culture and Custom

As an island country surrounded by the sea, Japan leads the world in economics, technology, and culture. The country name of Japan means "country of sunrise". Different from western countries, Japan has its unique culture and custom. The Japanese creed is "not to cause trouble to others". When saying goodbye to others, they usually look back and wave to each other. Japanese Shinto, Buddhism and Christian are 3 main religions of Japan. Shinto is the largest religion in Japan, 80% of Japanese believe in Shinto. How much do you know about traditional Japanese festivals? O-Bon Festival is the largest traditional festival in Japan. Kimono is Japanese traditional dress. If you want to wear kimono, do you know how to wear a  kimono?  Before traveling to Japan,  it is necessary to understand some cultural and etiquettes in Japan. Here collects some information of culture and custom in Japan for your reference.