7 Best Restaurants in Tokyo


Tokyo is not only a fashion capital, but also a gastronomic capital. There are not only Japanese representative local cuisine but also rich world cuisine. The number of Michelin restaurants in Japan is among the highest in the world, especially in Tokyo. For tourists, sushi, sashimi, ramen, these Japanese-style local cuisine can not be missed. But if you bring enough money, you can try authentic Kobe beef and Kaiseki cuisine.

Whether it's expensive Michelin cuisine or a good street stall, you can satisfy all your imaginations about Tokyo. In Tokyo, the Izakaya is also a must-visit restaurant. Of course, a variety of Japanese desserts that are popular with people are also the first choice for tourists. Where to eat in Tokyo? Here recommend 7 best restaurants for you.


Japanese Restaurants in Tokyo

1、Kanda restaurant

  • Recommended reason: Best restaurant for Japanese Kaiseki cuisine in Tokyo

Kanda restaurant

Kanda is a Michelin 3-star kaiseki restaurant located in Minato, Tokyo. It is owned and operated by chef Hiroyuki Kanda. Many politicians, celebrities, film stars and diners from Japan and abroad  go there to eat delicious food. The popularity is so high that it is inseparable from the exquisite craftsmanship of the restaurant chef Hiroyuki Kanda.

Japanese cuisine and French cuisine are the two most respected cooking cultures in the world. Japanese food requires for the freshness of ingredients. Taking this point,  Hiroyuki Kanda use the least process and ingredients to make delicious dishes.



  • Recommended reason: Best restaurant to experience traditional Japanese culture


There are lots of Izakaya restaurants in Tokyo. Izakaya, a traditional Japanese tavern, is a restaurant that serves alcohol and meals. It is now becoming an indispensable part of Japanese culture, and izakaya scenes often appear in Japanese movies and TV series. The most important thing of Izakaya restaurant is to the atmosphere inside. You can chose a Izakaya restaurant to experience the traditional Japanese culture of Izakaya.


French restaurants in Tokyo

1、Quintessence restaurant

  • Recommended reason: The most affordable Michelin 3-star French restaurant
  • Budget: Seven-course: $80, 13-course: $170(plus 5% consumption tax and 10% service charge)

Quintessence restaurant

The restaurant is only available for a wordless menu (carte blanche). The idea of the restaurant is never use the ingredients of yesterday to make today's dishes. Instead of writing a fixed menu, it is better to decide on the vegetable and meat provided every day.The menus are made with the freshest materials of the day.

The 14-course dinner insists on a price of less than 20,000 yen, making it the most affordable 3-star restaurant. It has been one of the most difficult restaurants for reservation in Tokyo for many years.


2、Sky Lounge Top Of Tree

  • Recommended reason: Best restaurant for viewing Tokyo Skytree

Sky Lounge Top Of Tree

Sky Lounge Top Of Tree is located on the 31st floor of Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi. The Tokyo Skytree can be seen in all the seats in the restaurant, especially the seats by the window. You can see the spire of the Tokyo Skytree in the restaurant.

The dishes here are French and Italian creative cuisine. You can enjoy a variety of dishes such as cocktails with seasonal fruits, champagne and French cold cuts with seasonal ingredients.


Michelin restaurants in Tokyo

1、Joel Robuchon

  • Recommended reason: The most gorgeous restaurant in Tokyo
  • Budget: 36,000 yen

Joel Robuchon

It is said to be the most gorgeous restaurant in Tokyo. Main restaurant of Joel Robuchon is located in Paris. The only branch is located in Japan. The boss spent huge sums of money to buy a French castle in Tokyo, and the interior was magnificent.

The restaurant's ingredients are shipped from all over the world. Dinner is French food that includes seafood, meat, vegetables and fruit. What's rare is that many dishes will also be served with black truffles, which will definitely allow you to enjoy more grand palace-style cuisine in a rich environment.


2、Sukiyabashi Jiro

  • Recommended reason: The most recognizable Michelin restaurant in Tokyo
  • Budget: 40,000 yen

Sukiyabashi Jiro

Sukiyabashi Jiro can only accommodate 10 people in a small space in a subway station in the Ginza area of Tokyo. About 100 restaurants around the world have been rated as the highest level of Michelin 3-star restaurant by the Michelin Guide, and this store is among them.

Sukiyabashi Jiro has won the Michelin 3-star restaurant for 12 consecutive years.


3、Robot Restaurant

  • Recommended reason: Unique theme restaurant

Robot Restaurant

Located in Tokyo’s famous Shinjuku Kabukicho, there is a robotic-themed restaurant. The robotic restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Japan that will perform when guests dine. The walls here are made up of beautiful metallic materials and huge mirrors. The colorful lights make the restaurant look radiant and brilliant.

The performance area is bounded by the middle aisle, and the audience is divided into two parts. The middle aisle is the main venue for robot performances. After the performance, the audience can take photos with robots and dancers and experience the different feelings brought by high technology. This unique robotic-themed restaurant has become a must-visit for Japanese travel. If you come to Tokyo, don't miss this special restaurant!

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