Japan Top Recommendations

Japan is an East Asian country close to North Korean, South Korean and China, and the east of Russia. In recent years, it has became a popular destination for tourist from all over the world. Mount Fuji, Kinkakuji, Shinjuku Imperial garden, Arashiyama and Fushimi Inari are famous tourist attractions in Japan. Go to the shrine to worship, visit the drug store, shopping in Ginza and go to see a show of Japanese theater are top things to do in Japan. Hot springs have become an indispensable part of Japanese life. It is also worth doing hot springs in Japan. If you prefer to Japanese delicious food, you must taste Japanese traditional food – sushi, ramen, tempura and kaiseki, etc.. Japan Top Recommendations part gives you suggestions about food & drinks, best tourist attractions, top things to do to, hotels and shopping centers in Japan for your reference.