Top 10 Things to Do in Japan


What to do in Japan? What is the reason for you to visit Japan? There are many reasons, including adventure, cultural experience, visiting relatives and friends, business, shopping, hobbies, nightlife, curiosity and enlightenment. Whether this is your first time visiting Japan, or you are a frequent traveler to Japan. We get a list recommended of top10 best things to do in Japan for you.


No.1 Best things to do in Japan - Go to the hot spring in Hokkaido

hot spring in Hokkaido

Traveling to Japan, if you do a day's activities, you will inevitably feel tired. Go to the hot spring is definitely a good choice. Hot springs can eliminate your day's fatigue. The hot springs of Hokkaido are famous in the world. Noboribetsu Onsen is the largest hot spring in Hokkaido. Noboribetsu has the reputation of "the first hot spring town in Hokkaido".  You can’t miss experiencing the hot spring in Japan.


No.2 Best things to do in Japan – Visit Senso-ji Temple

Senso-ji Temple japan

In addition to the famous Mount Fuji, the Senso-ji Temple in Japan is also famous. Senso-ji Temple is not only the most famous and oldest temple in Japan, but also one of the symbols of Tokyo. There are many famous buildings, historical sites and scenic spots inside and outside Senso-ji Temple.

Enter the Senso-ji Temple and turn right. There is a big spray pool, the name is the net hand pool, and the water is drinkable. There are many cafes, dessert shops and restaurants near Senso-ji Temple. When you are tired, choose a place to sit and enjoy a pleasant afternoon in the temple.


No.3 Best things to do in Japan - Experience wearing a kimono

Japanese kimono

Tasting local snacks and visiting historical sites are all good ways to learn bout regional culture. While wearing local traditional costumes is also a good way to learn about regional culture! Wearing a kimono to Japan is not only a cultural experience, but also a thing must-do for tourists to come to Japan. Wearing a kimono during the cherry blossom period or the festival period has a different flavor.


No.4 Best things to do in Japan - Go to Kabukiza Theater to see the show

Kabukiza in japan

Kabukiza Theater is the only Kabuki professional theater in the world. The most important thing to visit in the world is the local folk culture. Kabuki is a traditional Japanese performing arts. The performance hall is located near Exit 2 of the Ginza Station, adjacent to the shopping district. If you are tired of shopping, you can watch a traditional art performance.


No.5 Best things to do in Japan – Visit Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji in Japan

When it comes to Japan, the Mount Fuji is the best representative of the spirit of this country. The magnificent beauty always makes visitors to the city full of praise. The beautiful posture of the snow cover on the top of Mount Fuji is the most distinctive. Whether it is to climb the mountain or find a place to look at it, you can really feel that you have come to Japan when you look at Mount Fuji.


No.6 Best things to do in Japan - Go to the shrine to worship

shrine in Japan

The shrine is also a fairly representative religious facility in Japan. Whether it is locals or tourists, it will come here to seek relief or pray for a wish, or ask for a sign, predict the fortune and experience local culture. There are many shrines in Japan, and each shrine has different characteristics. If you have a special liking for the shrine culture, you must visit here.


No.7 Best things to do in Japan - Visit the drug store

drug store in japan

What do you want to do when you come to Japan without buying medicines? Japan's medicines are effective and cosmetics are well-known, so whether it is for men, women or children, you will definitely add a drug store in your itinerary.


No.8 Best things to do in Japan – Buy home appliance

home appliance in japan

In addition to medicines and cosmetics, Japanese home appliances are also famous all around the world. Hair dryers, water heater, vacuum cleaner, toilets and rice cookers are all hot products of Japanese home appliances. You can’t miss it. You can buy these things at the famous shopping center Ginza.


No.9 Best things to do in Japan - Go to Fast Fashion to buy clothes

Fast Fashion in japan

As we know, Japan is a fashionable country. Japan's fast fashion stores are everywhere, and the price is not high. You can find clothes from Uniqlo, GU, H&M, Forever 21, GAP and more. The style of the clothing here is updated very quickly. For the trendy men and women, coming to Japan without visiting these stores is a pity.


No.10 Best things to do in Japan - Buy a beer with a limited taste

beer in japan

When it comes to beer, you will definitely think that there are beers everywhere in the world. Why is drinking beer a project that must be experienced in Japan? Japan is a country that values regional characteristics. It is often used to introduce special products that are limited during the period and limited by region. Therefore, it is also a great pleasure to buy a few kinds of limited-flavor beer in Japan!

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