Shopping in Japan


There are a lot of things that you can buy in Japan. It is a big shopping country. In particular, Ginza in Tokyo with the Champs Elysées in Paris and Fifth Avenue in New York are among the world's three bustling centers. Japan's various products are exquisite, including traditional flavors and modern styles. This is why many people like to go shopping in Japan.

What to buy in Japan? Go shopping in Japan, there are 3 major categories of products you must not miss. What are these 3 types of products? Cosmetics / skin care products, drug  and electronic products are 3 types of products that you must buy in Japan.


What to buy in Japan cosmetics?

Japan's cosmetics market is very mature, there are many well-known brands of cosmetics for you to choose. For example, Shiseido、KOSE、DHC、SANA、JUJU、ROHTO, etc.  There is a saying in Japan's beauty industry that makeup is to get closer to the ideal of yourself. Japanese women, both young and old, are faithful believers in cosmetics.



Since the launch of the first skin care product in 1980, SK-II has become a pioneer in the combination of cutting-edge technology and natural essence into skin care products, and has launched many breakthrough products. The core ingredient of SK-II, PITERATM Live Cell Yeast Extract, has seven magical effects. It is loved by women all over the world and helps to achieve crystal clear skin.


►No.2 ALBION Skin Conditioner

ALBION Skin Conditioner

ALBION Skin Conditioner, called a omnipotent lotion, is the best-selling Japanese-style lotion for 40 years. It is the star product in the entire ALBION series and list  many times NO.1 in the lotion department  of Japanese COSME. It is suitable for oily skin and skin that is prone to acne.




SEKKISEI was born in Japan in 1985. SEKKISEI products combine a variety of rare plant extracts to impart a sense of transparency and provide sufficient moisture while preventing and significantly reducing pigmentation, eliminating acne marks and making the skin appear white and hydrated.

In addition to the 3 recommended cosmetics, there are a lot of cosmetics worth buying, such as Shiseido ANESSA Sunscreen, Naturie Moisturizing Gel, Kate eye shadow, Kiss me eyeliner pen, mascara and so on.


Where to buy?

Tokyo Ginza、Shinjuku Shopping District、Shibuya Shopping District

Ginza, Shinjuku, and Shibuya shopping districts are places to go shopping in Tokyo. The most important thing is that there is no need to bargain when shopping in Tokyo. All goods are clearly priced and value for money, visitors can rest assured to buy.


What to buy in Japan drugstore?

Going shopping in Japan, in addition to cosmetics, Japanese drugs are also worth buying. If you pay more attention to health and health care, it is a good choice to go to Japan to buy drugs.

►No.1 Sante Beautéye

Sante Beautéye

Sante Beautéye is known as Hermès in the eye drops. It is Japan's top and most expensive eye drops. It not only has a gorgeous Q version of the perfume shape, but also has the powerful function of eliminating red blood in the eyes and anti-fatigue. The biggest feature of this product is that it exudes a taste of rose aroma. This eye drop can also be used with contact lenses. The price of this eye drop after tax exemption is about $15.


►No.2 Ryukakusan 


Ryukakusan is widely known in Japan and has been the first place in the Japanese Amazon to occupy the cough class Best seller. It is especially effective for sore throat and sore throat caused by cold, and it can be taken directly into the mouth without flushing. It is convenient to carry and has a quick effect.


►No.3 Kobayashi Liquid band-aid

Kobayashi Liquid band-aid

It is a regular medicine at home! Applying it to the wound has the function of sterilization and disinfection. It is not afraid of entering the water. The membrane body tightly covers the wound surface. After drying, it can be waterproof, clean and hygienic.


►No.4 Kobayashi antipyretic paste

Kobayashi antipyretic paste

It is very convenient for children to have fever. Stick the band-aid on the forehead and it won't slip even if you turn over. The effect of antipyretic paste last for about 8 hours. It is the best antipyretic patch for children.


►No.5 Various enzymes and whitening pills

enzymes and whitening pills

The enzyme is divided into two kinds: raw liquid and granules. If it is convenient to carry, the latter is generally selected. Enzymes and whitening pills are things must-buy in Japan.


►No.6 Thermos mug

Thermos mug

Insulation cups that can be used all year round, keep warm in winter and keep cold in summer. If you don't buy a thermos mug, it always seems to be missing something.


Where to buy?

  • Matsumoto Kiyoshi

Matsumoto Kiyoshi Store is the largest super popular drug store in Japan. The store sells a wide range of pharmaceuticals, health foods, cosmetics, daily necessities, etc.


The SUNDRUG drug store has 399 stores in Japan and is one of the well-received drugstores. It is one of the representative drugstores that are in line with Matsumoto Kiyoshi and Sugi Pharmacy!


Things to buy in Japan - Electronic products(Cameras, Apple mobile phones, game consoles, rice cookers)



Sony is one of the world's leading public and professional audiovisual products, game products, communication components, and information technology. Sony's achievements in music, film, computer entertainment and online business also make it the world's leading electronics and entertainment company. Sony's products include game consoles, mobile phones, computers, cameras and other electronic products.

Where to buy?

Tokyo Ginza




Casio watches are one of the top three brands in Japan and have been known for many years for their truly versatile G-SHOCK watches. The dynamic, young, stylish and versatile brand image represented by Casio watches has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Casio has always been a technology leader in the industry, and there will be technological breakthroughs over the years.




Canon is the world's leading integrated production of imaging and information products. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, it is very convenient to purchase in Tokyo, Japan.

Where to buy?

Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku Nishiguchi

Yodobashi Camera is located in Shinjuku and is known for selling digital products, but it also takes care of audio-visual game software, household appliances, daily necessities, beauty products and even various foods.


Tips for shopping in Japan:

  • For the payment method of Japanese shopping, the preferred recommendation is Union Pay card (exchange rate is more cost-effective than cash), followed by visa.
  • General shopping malls and drugstores are eligible for tax refunds after purchasing 5,000 yen. A small number of shopping malls are subject to tax refunds.
  • The products placed at the door of the Japanese drug store are hot-selling products.
  • Buying European and American cosmetics in Japan is not cost-effective. If you want to buy European and American cosmetics, you can go directly to the airport duty-free shop.
  • Unlike Europe, Japanese airports do not handle tax refunds. Tax refunds are available directly at malls or department stores as well as drugstores. Use a passport when you refund your tax. Remember to bring your passport when you check out, and don't forget the tax refund!
  • It is best not to open the cosmetics directly in Japan. If it is found, it is necessary to make up 8% of the consumption tax. Therefore, when purchasing duty-free goods, cosmetics must be sealed.
  • Japan's discount season is divided into summer discount season and winter discount season. Summer discounts are from late June to mid-July, and winter discounts are from late December to January. Generally, the initial discount is basically 30% off, gradually decreasing to 60% off, and sometimes it can hit 90% off.

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