SIM Card & Internet in Japan


How to get internet in Japan when traveling? If you go to Japan without mobile phone roaming, you will generally choose to buy a Japanese mobile phone card and rent a portable Wi-Fi. There are three major mobile operators in the Japanese communications market: NTT DoCoMo, Softbank and au. Docomo is Japan's largest communications mobile operator, followed by Softbank.


SIM card in Japan

In Japan, If the frequency and mode of the mobile phone are applicable to the frequency and mode supported by the Japanese mobile phone SIM card operator, you can use the local 3/4G network by purchasing SIM card into the mobile phone.

Different mobile phone frequency and formats supported by different operators are different. The frequency of your mobile phone can be queried on the mobile phone related website. If you don't understand it, be sure to ask the clerk when you buy a SIM card.

If you are still unable to use it, try changing the preferred network mode on your mobile network to: WCDM only or 3G only, then restart your phone. Note: Dual or multi-card mobile phones can only be inserted into the docomo Japanese card after arriving in Japan. It is not allowed to have more cards at the same time, and the docomo card must be placed in the card slot wcdma.

But if you go to a remote suburb or island of Japan, you can go online to find out which operator's network coverage the place where you will go before you buy a SIM card. Here recommend you the query URL:





Advantage of SIM card:

The network is guaranteed, available in Japan, simple, and does not require additional equipment. It can be purchased at domestic airports or online.

Disadvantage of SIM card:

You need to change the card, once you change the card, you can not receive domestic SMS (for example: bank SMS that you usually consume); The initial setting is more troublesome; Some packages have less traffic, which is not cost-effective.


Wi-Fi in Japan

►Pocket Wi-Fi in Japan:

Use portable Wi-Fi is also a common way when traveling in Japan. Its advantage is that it can be connected by multiple people, and there is no need to make too many settings for the mobile phone. However, the shortcomings of portable Wi-Fi cannot be ignored.

►What is pocket Wi-Fi in Japan?

Pocket Wi-Fi device size: slightly smaller than iphone5. It can connect up to 5 mobile phones, ipads, computers, etc. Most of the machines connected at the same time may cause slow network speed. Each time it is fully charged, its battery life is typically 4-6 hours. Its network covers all of Japan and there are no traffic restrictions.


►Where to get pocket Wi-Fi in Japan?

Equipment of pocket Wi-Fi can be picked up and returned at the counter at the Japanese airport. There are 7 counters in Japan that can collect and return portable Wi-Fi devices. The 3GB package is only available at Kansai Airport and supports any counter return.

The pocket Wi-Fi device supports self-receiving from the reserved point A, and returns it at point B. (A and B both need to be the following self-collection locations, and the customer needs to be returned within the business hours)

  • Airports in Tokyo

Tokyo Narita Airport Terminal 1 [T1 Arrival] 1st Floor International Flight Arrival Hall South Exit Counter

Business hours: 08:30~22:00 Tel:070-1259-9348

Tokyo Narita Airport Terminal 2 [T2 Arrival] 1st Floor International Flight Arrival Hall Central Counter

Business hours: 08:30~22:00 Tel:070-1259-9348

Tokyo Haneda Airport International Terminal Building, 2nd Floor, Arrival Hall Exit, Right Front Counter

Business hours: 08:30~22:00 Tel: 070-1259-9349

HIS-TIC Harajuku Tourist Information Center counter

Business hours: 10:00~17:00 Tel: 03-5770-5131

  • Osaka Airport and downtown

A) Kansai Airport Terminal 1 [T1 Arrival], 1st Floor, International Airport Arrival Hall North Exit Counter

Business hours: 08:30~22:00 Tel: 080-4011-8818

B) JR Namba Station connects to the counter at the 1F West Exit of OCAT Building

Business hours: 08:30~22:00 Tel: 06-6684-9330

  • Hokkaido Airport and Sapporo City

New Millennium Airport International Flight Building, 2nd Floor, Counter

Business hours: 09:30~18:30 Tel: 080-3718-5705

Tourist information center counter, 1st Floor, Sapporo TV Tower, Hokkaido

Business hours: 10:00~19:00 Tel: 0112150828

2nd floor, Nagoya Chubu International Airport, international arrival exit counter

Business hours: 09:30~18:30 Tel: 080-3724-1549

  • Okinawa Naha Airport


►How much pocket Wi-Fi in Japan?

Cost = unit price × travel days × number of units + deposit [starting on the third day of each machine]

The number of travel days is calculated from the pick-up date to the return date.

►How to return a pocket Wi-Fi in Japan?

  • 1、Within working hours, customers can choose to return equipment at any of the above work site locations.
  • 2、Nagoya Chubu International Airport and Osaka Kansai Airport [only for these two pick-up locations], outside the working hours, provide customers with a 24-hour return box (blue big box). Customers can organize the application and equipment, return them to the returning box. Thus, the return of the pocket Wi-Fi is completed.


Japan connected free Wi-Fi:

Free Wi-Fi is available in many countries, and Japan is no exception. However, the Japanese are accustomed to surfing the Internet on a monthly basis. The demand for Wi-Fi is not very large, so the coverage of Wi-Fi is not so wide.

►How to get free Wi-Fi in Japan?

Japan connected free Wi-Fi is a very useful Wi-Fi service in Japan for travelers who come from overseas. If you want to use free Wi-Fi, just download the mobile app and launch the mobile app to use it. This mobile app automatically connects to Wi-Fi all over Japan, and is suitable for public areas such as airports, metro stations, convenience stores, convenience stores, and other public spaces such as art galleries. In addition, you can search for the applicable location from the map within this mobile app. To use it, please download it from

Free Wi-Fi service called "at_STARBUCKS_Wi2" is available at all Starbucks stores in Japan. To use Starbucks Wi-Fi, you need to log in to Email and password on Starbucks website

In addition to Starbucks, DOUTOR Coffee and Ginza Renoir also offer Wi-Fi. If you want to connect to Wi-Fi, you can use the mobile phone to read the QR code recorded in the store, or send a blank letter to the recorded email. If you don't want to be so troublesome, then choose Tully's Coffee. Just select Wi-Fi and tap on the service page and click on the agreement to use the wireless network.

In addition, the Tokyo Metro, McDonald's, 7-111, LAWSON, FamilyMart, Business Hotel and Guest House almost all provide Wi-Fi service.

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