Best Time to Visit Japan


When is the best time to visit Japan? The natural landscapes of all parts of Japan are beautiful all seasons, each with its own style. Different time to travel to Japan will give you different surprises. It is a veritable country that is suitable for all year round. The best season for sightseeing is spring and autumn.


Weather in Japan

Japan is divided into four seasons every year, spring is from March to May, summer is from June to August, autumn is from September to November, and winter is from December to February. The temperature and climate vary greatly in the four seasons. The terrain of Japan is north-south, the Hokkaido in the north belongs to the Subarctic zone, the Okinawa Prefecture in the south belongs to the subtropical zone, and the other regions belong to the temperate zone.

The eastern side of the Pacific Ocean is rainy in summer, and there is much snowfall in the west of the Sea of Japan in winter. This is the climatic feature of Japan.


Best time to visit Japan

It is suitable to visit Japan all year round. The best season for sightseeing is spring and autumn.


►Visit Japan in Spring(March to May)

Recommended tourist destinations in Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa, Hokkaido

In the spring of Japan, the climate is warming, everything is awake, and the flowers are blooming. Especially from the end of March to the beginning of April each year, the cherry trees are blooming, dotted with the countryside and courtyards of various parts of Japan, forming a unique natural landscape. This is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Japan.

Recommended tourist attractions in spring of Japan:

  • 1、Nago Castle Site Park - Place with the most cherry trees in Japan

cherry blossoms in Nago Castle Site Park

Nago Castle Site Park is located in Nago, Okinawa. There are more than 20,000 cherry trees, most of which are sakura, which will bloom from mid-January to mid-February. At the end of January each year, a cherry blossom festival is held here, which can enjoy flowers and various song and dance performances, making it a popular place to enjoy cherry blossoms in Okinawa.

  • 2、やまたかじんだいざくら- Largest cherry tree in Japan

Largest cherry tree in Japan

Usually, a cherry blossom tree circumference is two meters or three meters. There is a giant cherry blossom tree called やまたかじんだいざくら in Yamanashi-ken with an age of 1800 years and a tree circumference of 13.5 meters. It was designated as a “National Natural Monument” in 1922. If you want to enjoy the blossoming of giant cherry blossoms, the best season is from early to mid April.

  • 3、Okinawa - The first place to see cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms in Okinawa

Okinawa, where the climate is mild, is the first place to watch cherry blossoms in Japan. In mid-January, about 4,000 cherry trees blossom. On January 15th every year, a spectacular cherry blossom festival is held in the local area.

  • 4、たましんりんかがくえん-Place with the largest number of cherry species

cherry blossom in Hachioji

たましんりんかがくえんis located in Hachioji, Tokyo. The cherry blossom preserved forest here has cultivated about 250 species of cherry blossoms in 250 varieties, making it the most consistent cherry blossom species in Japan.

  • 5、Hokkaido - The last place to see cherry blossoms

cherry blossom in Matsumae Castle

Hokkaido’s “Matsumae Castle” is a famous cherry blossom resort in Japan, and was awarded the title of “Sakura Township” by the Japanese Cherry Blossom Association. Hokkaido is the coldest place in Japan and the latest place to pick up warm. The cherry blossoms on the island are of course late. The average flowering time of the cherry blossoms here is in late May, and it is the place where Japanese cherry blossoms bloom at the latest.

  • 6、Tokyo, Kyoto - The most lively place to enjoy cherry blossoms

cherry blossom in Ueno Park and Kitajimaru Park

Among the Japanese cherry blossom spots, Ueno Park and Kitajimaru Park in Tokyo are the most lively, as well as the temple shrines in Kyoto, the Heian Shrine and Nijo Castle, all of which show the charm of cherry blossoms.

  • 7、Hakone - The most distinctive spot for cherry blossoms

cheery blossom in Hakone

The most distinctive place for cherry blossom viewing in Japan is Hakone. In this beautiful scenic spot, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms while enjoying the hot springs, and you can also overlook the quiet and beautiful Mount Fuji.

Clothing for visiting Japan in Spring: The climate changes, it is recommended that passengers bring a thin coat.


►Visit Japan in Summer(June to August)

Recommended tourist destinations in summer of Japan: Okinawa, Kamakura, Nagasaki, Mount Fuji

June is a rainy season, and it is inconvenient to travel. But from July, it is the summer of Japan. At this time, the beach is a very hot tourist place, there are many tourists in the mountainous summer mountains. Summer is the most festival season in Japan.

Recommended tourist attractions in Japan:

  • 1、Mount Fuji

In the summer, you must travel to Mount Fuji. The summer is the only season where you can climb Mount Fuji. The hiking time is usually between July 1st and August 26th. Kawaguchiko is the best place to see Mount Fuji. The reflection in the water is one of Fuji Wonderland, but the weather is very demanding, which is must be sunny and cloudless.

  • 2、Hakone Tram

Take the Hakone Tram and the road is lined with beautiful hydrangea.

The Chang Gu Temple in Kamakura will also be filled with hydrangea.

Lavender in Hokkaido, during this time, lavender, sunflowers, etc. will be very beautiful.

  • 3、Gion Festival, Japan

There is also a traditional Japanese festival in Kyoto, the Gion Festival. Everyone wears a kimono to attend festivals and worship shrines. While attending the festival, you can also eat specialty snacks along the way.

Clothing for visiting Japan in Summer: Just bring cool summer dress.


►Visit Japan in Autumn(September to November)

Recommended tourist destinations in Japan: Kyoto, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka

Autumn is the best time to enjoy red leaves in Japan. The woods are covered with fiery autumn leaves. The enthusiasm is like a fire. Walking through it, the mood is suddenly clear. Autumn is also a good time to watch chrysanthemums. In the parks of Japan, there are beautiful chrysanthemums. Autumn is also called "cultural autumn" in Japan, and autumn is also the season for Japanese exhibitions, concerts and sports competitions.

Recommended tourist attractions in Autumn of Japan:

  • 1、Maple leaf of Arashiyama in Kyoto

Maple leaf of Arashiyama in Kyoto is famous. The flaming maple leaves can be seen everywhere. When you walk through the maple forest, it is like a paradise on earth, and the scenery is very charming.

  • 2、Nara Park

Nara Park, also known as the Sika Deer Park, is one of the pioneers of modern Japanese parks. There are golden maple leaves in the park, as well as cute deer.

  • 3、Ginkgo leaf of the University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo is the best university in Asia. There are many ancient buildings on campus, and ginkgo leaves are chosen as the school badge. Every autumn, after hundreds of ginkgo leaves turn yellow on campus, the scene is very beautiful.

Clothing for visiting Japan in autumn: You need to prepare a thin coat.


►Visit Japan in Winter(December to February)

Recommended tourist destinations: Hokkaido, Sapporo, Okurayama, Osaka

The temperature in Japan is generally maintained above 0 °C in winter, and the weather is dry, which is the best time to watch the snow.

Recommended tourist attractions:

  • 1、Hakone Onsen - Hakone Onsen is surrounded by mountains, and the lake is like a mirror. There are many hot springs.

  • 2、Hokkaido Ski Resort - There are many ski resorts in the Hokkaido. You can ski in the Hokkaido. Hokkaido also has festivals such as the famous Sapporo Snow Festival and the Little Snow Light Road Festival.

Clothing for visiting Japan in winter: You need to bring a warm jacket.


Overall, each season is the best time to travel to Japan. Spring is the best time to enjoy cherry blossoms, summer is the best time to watch the sea, autumn is to watch the red leaves, winter is to watch the snow. There are different scenery throughout Japan throughout the year, and each season of year is the best time to travel to Japan.


Tips for traveling to Japan:

  • Tourism Japanese Golden Week: December 28th - January 6th, April 27th - May 6th, August 11th - August 20th, when is the golden week for tourists to travel to Japan. At this time, all kinds of ticket fares in Japan are skyrocketing.
  • The climate difference between Japan's regions is large, so it is recommended to know which cities in Japan to travel before going to Japan, and then look at the local weather forecast in advance!

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