Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

Due to its beauty and culture, Vietnam has become a popular tourist destination in the Southeast Asia. There are many amazing places in Vietnam, from picturesque countryside, romantic French style cathedral to historical world heritage site. This is definitely a must-visit country in your lifetime. Here we list the best places to visit in Vietnam for you.


1. Halong Bay

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is probably the most representative place in Vietnam and one of the best places to take photos in the world. Halong Bay is located in the northern coastal area of Vietnam, close to Hanoi. It is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is a true paradise. In this natural bay, you'll find a series of rugged limestone rock outcrops that rise from the water, green plants at the top, turquoise waters, golden sands and countless traditional sailboats create a unique fairytale scene.


This extraordinary bay has more than 2,000 jungle-covered islands filled with fascinating caves, grottos, limestone pits and lakes. Many small islands have undergone centuries of natural carving to form these wonderful shapes. The islands of Halong Bay are almost preserved in their original form. Visitors to Halong Bay can glut their eyes and enjoy the natural wonders of the heavens and the earth


Recommended Sights: Bai Chay, Cruise Chau Island, Dong Thien Cung, Hon Dinh Huong and Hang Sung Sot


2. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) 


Ho Chi Minh City is located along the Saigon River, near the mouth of the Mekong River. Ho Chi Minh City was also called Saigon and was the capital of the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Today Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam, not only with a mix of modern and traditional attractions, but also a vibrant shopping, dining, nightlife culture.


Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is the business and financial hub of Vietnam, with a prominent history going back hundreds of years. As the largest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is full of rich French romanticism and is known as “Oriental Little Paris”. French architecture, such as churches and restaurants, is often seen on the streets. The open-air coffee lounge and French dessert shop are full of romantic and leisure atmosphere.


Recommended Sights: Nha Tho Duc Ba, Buu Dien Sai Gon, Dinh Doc Lap, Uy Ban Nhan Dan Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh (City Hall), Bao Tang Chung Tich Chien Tranh, Bao Tang Lich Su Viet Nam


3. Hanoi


Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is an industrial and cultural center, as well as an ancient capital with a history of more than 1,000 years. The rich historical relics of Hanoi and the numerous historical sites and monuments have earned it the reputation of “the land of millennium heritage”.


Hanoi is the place that best represents the socialist style of Vietnam. Travelers can find well-preserved colonial buildings, ancient pagodas, unique museums within the city centre and the revolutionary slogan graffiti on the walls. Hanoi is also chaotic with its non-stop motorbike frenzy, pollution, and constant clamor of street vendors. But it can clearly tell you that you are in Vietnam.


Recommended Sights: 36 Pho Phuong, Ho Hoan Kiem, Nha San Bac Ho, Lang Chu Tich Ho Chi Minh, Quang Truong Ba Dinh, Chua Mot Cot, Temple of Literature, Hanoi Cathedral


4. Hoi An

Hoi An

Hoi An, an ancient town in central Vietnam, is one of Vietnam's most charming cities and recognized as World Cultural Heritage Site in 1999. Hoi An is a beautiful, old city with a history dating back 2000 years to the Champa Kingdom. Historic buildings, traditional culture and textiles are the highlights of this city.


Hoi An is famous for the many tailor shops that are scattered across the city centre, and where it is possible to get tailored made suits and dresses for a very good price. This is a great place to explore on foot, beautiful ancient buildings, traditional wooden houses and countless small shops line the narrow winding walkway in the ancient city.


Recommended Sights: Chinese All-Community Assembly Hall, Tan Ky Old House, Tran Family Chapel, Japanese Covered Bridge, Quan Cong Temple, Handicraft Workshop & Traditional Arts Performance


5. Hue


Sitting along the banks of the gorgeous Perfume River, Hue was once the imperial capital of Nguyen dynasty. The clear Perfume River passes through the city and divides the city into two regions. The North region is the ancient capital and the old business district, and the Southern is the cultural and tourist area.


Hue is naturally a well-deserved Vietnamese cultural center. After the dynasty replacement, natural disasters and man-made disasters, the ancient city center still preserves the imperial city buildings. Due to its long historical culture and well-preserved ancient buildings, Hue was rated as a “World Cultural Heritage” by the United Nations in 1993.


Recommended Sights: Hoang Thanh, Royal Tombs of the Nguyen, Thien Mu Pogoda, Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Bay


6. Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is at the southernmost tip of Vietnam, including the Mekong River that flows into the East Sea of Vietnam. This area is surrounded by the Mekong River and is an ideal place to explore the outdoors or take a traditional long boat. The Mekong Delta is full of fertile agricultural land, away from the busy city, so you have opportunity to explore the other side of Vietnam. Colorful floating markets, fruit orchards, rice paddies, sugar cane groves, bird sanctuaries and quaint villages are all what draw many to the Mekong Delta.


7. Sapa


Sapa Town is located in the remote plateau of northwestern Vietnam, surrounded by picturesque mountains, rice terraces and hill tribes. It is a quiet town that is often used as a base for trekking destination in the Hoang Lien Son Mountains and exploring the traditional countryside. Not only can you see beautiful waterfalls, but you also have the opportunity to experience local cuisine, customs and lifestyles in local tribes. Sapa is a very famous tourist attraction in Vietnam and is very popular among Vietnamese and Western tourists.


Recommended Sights: Bai Da Co, Jade hill resort, Deo o quy ho, Ban Ta Phin, Dinh Fansipan, Cau May


8. My Son Valley

My Son Valley

Located on the central coast of Vietnam and surrounded by lush jungle-covered mountains, My Son Valley is a ruined Cham era temple city that dates from the 4th century. As one of the most famous monuments in Southeast Asia, My Son Valley was once a sacred religious center for Hindu ceremonies. There are around 20 temple structures still standing here, all built of brick or sandstone blocks and showing interesting influences from various Asian empires, including Indian and Malay. In 1999, UNESCO listed My Son temple as a world heritage site as a cultural heritage site


9. Nha Trang

Nha Trang

Located on the most beautiful bay coastline in Asia, Nha Trang is a popular seaside resort. The picturesque mountains, soft beaches and lush islands attract countless visitors from all over the world, including Vietnamese natives and scuba divers. There are so many extreme activities for the adrenaline junkies – jet skiing, surfing or even a flyboard, if you’re brave enough.


Nha Trang is located at the easternmost tip of the southern coastline of Vietnam. The beaches are endless, the white sands are soft, the tides are clear, and the seabed has a variety of corals. Now Nha Trang Beach is in line with the trend of leisure, fitness and tourism. Nha Trang Resort also provides leisure and fitness services such as hot spring baths and mineral mud baths.


Recommended Sights: Po Nagar Cham Towers, Chua Tinh Hoi Khanh Hoa, Hon Chong Promontory, Hon Mieu, Gm Doc Let


10. Dalat

Dalat is a city that is suitable for walking. In addition to the cool weather throughout the year, Dalat has an idyllic valley with lush pine trees and colorful flowers. Dalat used to be a summer resort for the Vietnamese royal family and French colonists. Today, this charming town on the Central Highlands is also popular with tourists looking for summer resorts and honeymooners.


Dalat is a city that is difficult to separate from flowers, where is planted with colorful flower and plants. Here, various kinds of artificially cultivated and naturally grown flowers compete for the year round, including cherry blossoms, wind orchids, roses, peony, peony, tuberose, autumn chrysanthemum and wax. There is also a famous annual Dalat Flower Festival.


Recommended Sights: Xuan Huong Lake, Ga Da Lat, Chua Linh Phuoc, Bao Dai's Summer Palace No 3, Hang Nga Crazy House and Dalat Flower Park.


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