Top 8 Things to Do in Hoi An


Hoi An, situated in central part of Vietnam, is a traditional trading port city in Vietnam. Hoi An always has reasons for you to pay a visit, no matter the old town, magnificent landscapes or the splendid culture and mouthwatering Hoi An cuisine. What to do in Hoi An? Top 8 things to do in Hoi An may help you find an ideal answer.


1. Enjoy a Leisure Time in Hoi An Old Town

Hoi An Old Town

Hoi An Old Town is one of the best-preserved traditional trading ports in southeast Asia from the 15th century to the 19th century. Hoi An Old Town was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its perfectly preserved architectures and cultural tradition. Hoi An is known for its yummy food, traditional assembly halls, tailor made Ao Dai, friendly people and comfortable atmosphere, which are key features that attract people to this picturesque town. Hoi An Riverside is the best place to stay at night as the area is lit by delicate and classical lanterns, making it an romantic and beautiful place. 


2. Get a Perfect Tailor-made Ao Dai

Ao Dai

Ao Dai is the national costume of Vietnam. The most suitable place to buy Ao Dai in Vietnam is Hoi An. There are many tailor shops in hoi an ancient town and you can see one in a few steps. Many stores have a history of seventy or eighty years, often the ancestral foundation. Tailor can completely according to the size of the tourists, choose the favorite fabric that the customers loves to customize the traditional Ao Dai. And the whole process takes less than a day and is very convenient.


3. Float the Colorful Lantern in Thu Bon River

 Thu Bon River

Every month on the 14th lunar calendar, Hoi An will hold a full moon festival celebration. At this time, Hoi An became a sea of lights and lanterns. Every household hangs beautifully made lanterns. Lanterns of all shapes and sizes will be lit up the dark night. After some ceremonies, the local folks will light up the lanterns and put them on water to let them float. With the float of lantern, people may pray what they wish.


4. Watch the Traditional Dance Performances At Hoi An Handicraft Workshop

Hoi An Handicraft Workshop

This 200-year-old old Hoi An Handicraft Workshop is the best place to learn about Hoi An's traditional craftsmanship. Visitors can enjoy the craftsmanship of embroidery, pottery, woodcuts, stone carvings, lacquer paintings, etc., and the finished products can be purchased. However, the more attractive thing is the traditional dance performances at 10:15 and 15:15 every day. It shows the leisurely and happy rural life, the love songs of men and women, and the love and hate in mythology. You don't have to understand the lyrics, just experiencing the beauty of music dancing is also a kind of enjoyment.


5. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site My Son Sanctuary

 My Son Sanctuary

Located at more than 40 kilometers west of Hoi An, My Son Sanctuary is the largest religious site of ancient Chams in Vietnam, known as "the Angkor Wat of Vietnam". The site is built in a dense valley surrounded by mountains and has more than 70 ruins of the Cham Tower. All kinds of carvings and reliefs are ancient and exquisite. Although the entire holy place is slightly broken, it can still see the exquisite carving art. The ruins were destroyed by large movies during the Vietnam War, but the traditional Cham songs and dance performances remained wonderful.


6. Soak Up the Sun at the Cua Dai Beach

 Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai Beach is situated approximately 4km southeast of Hoi An, which is considered one of the best beaches near Hoi An. With a length of 3 kilometers and a width of 300 meters, the sand in beach is white and the sea is cool and clear. The gentle slopes and the slightly undulating waves make it an ideal place for swimming, kayaking and other marine entertainment. Walking barefoot on the beach or simply taking a short nap in a hammock beside the beach can soothe your tired body and mind.


7. Take a Snorkeling Trip in Cham Island

Cham Island Snorkeling

Located 20 kilometers east of Hoi An, Cham Island was once the location of the ancient Maritime Silk Road and now is the UNESCO Biosphere. There are corals, seaweeds and other marine life in the waters around Cham Islands. The visibility from July to September is 15 to 30 meters, which is the best diving time. Hoi An’s diving centre offers both scuba diving and snorkeling. Explore the underwater world and discover the animals inhabiting it.


8. Go Shopping around the Bustling Hoi An Market

 Hoi An Market

Hoi An Market is the most prosperous shopping place in the area, where you can buy all kinds of original small commodities, food and daily necessities. The first part is a row of food stalls where you can taste authentic Vietnamese snacks. The second part is affordable fresh foods. The third part is the market of fruits, vegetables and flowers, and the fruits are all sold in kilograms. There are lots of interesting shops in Hoi An Ancient Town, arrange half day to seek for somethings special will be an ideal choice to relax yourself.


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