Top 10 Famous Restaurants in Hoi An


Hoi An has a great variety of snacks throughout the streets. Here, we will offer useful info about where to eat and list famous restaurants in Hoi An to let you know where to eat delicious foods.


1. Reaching Out Tea House

Reaching Out Tea House

Reaching Out Tea House is a Chinese-style tea room offering coffee, tea and refreshments, which was founded by a group of young deaf and mute people. The service is warm and lovely. The interesting thing is that ordering is done through small toys blocks on the table. Exquisite refreshments, lovely staff, cozy place where you can enjoy the sound of silence.


Address: 131 Tran Phu | Minh An Ward, Hoi An 560000, Vietnam


2. Hola Taco!

Hola Taco!

There are few international restaurants in Hoi An. Hola Taco restaurant specializes in Mexican cuisine and is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Hoi An. The quality and taste of the dishes are excellent, even better than the taste of Mexican restaurants. It is highly recommended to taste Nachos, Tacos, Tequila.


Address: 5 Phan Chau Trinh,Hoi An 880000,Vietnam


3. Miss Ly Cafeteria

Miss Ly Cafeteria

Miss Ly Cafeteria is absolutely an authentic Hoi An restaurant with the palatable white roses and fried wontons. Located opposite the Hoi An Museum of History and Culture, the store is relatively small, but popular with locals and visitors. It's almost always crowded at meals time, so if you want to go, you need to go early.


Address: 22 Nguyen Hue Street, Hoi An, Vietnam


4. Brother’s Cafe

Brother’s Cafe

Brother’s Cafe is one of the many French-style restaurants in the ancient city of Hoi An. The French architecture in its large garden is particularly eye-catching. The restaurant offers a garden seating and a riverside cafe, perfect for relaxation and romantic date. The dishes here are mainly Vietnamese cuisine, including beef and banana salad, juicy beef with sweet and sour sauce, and suit for summer time.


Address: 27-29 Phan Boi Chau Street, Hoi An, Vietnam


5. Morning Glory Restaurant

Morning Glory Restaurant

Morning Glory Restaurant is located in Hoi An old town, which mainly serve Vietnamese local dishes, with a number of branches. The antique decoration, delicious food, open kitchen and well-trained waiters making it a popular restaurant in Hoi An. At the same time, there is also a cooking course for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, where you can learn about the traditional cuisine of Hoi An Ancient Town and learn how to make it.


Address: 106 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hoi An, Vietnam


6. White Rose Restaurant

White Rose Restaurant

White Rose Restaurant is often packed with a lot of customers, as the white roses and fried wontons are regarded as the most delicious for locals in Hoi An, and are the only two dishes the restaurant serves. The taste is very good and the amount is very large. You can also see the live production process in the back hall of kitchen.


Address: 533 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An, Vietnam


7. Banh Mi Phuong

Banh Mi Phuong

It is said that tourists can buy the most delicious Vietnamese Banh Mi in Hoi An here, and the store is behind a road in Hoi An market. There are a lot of locals waiting in line every day, and every purchase is three or five. The price is quite affordable and the taste is also very good.


Address: Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An, Vietnam


8. An Bang Beach Village Restaurant

An Bang Beach Village Restaurant

An Bang Beach Village Restaurant is a famous Vietnamese restaurants, and seafood and vegetarian food are the specialty of the restaurant. It is recommended to taste scallops, grilled shrimp, clams and papaya salad. Not far from the restaurant is a beach where visitors can choose to dine on the beach. The restaurant will set up candles and lanterns on the beach. It’s great to enjoy the sea view and eat a delicious candlelight dinner.


Address: Group 6, An Bang, Cam An | Turn towards the beach next to An Bang Pharmacy and Close by An Bang Seaside Village Homestay, Hoi An 563800, Vietnam


9. Minh Hien 2 Vegetarian Restaurant

Minh Hien 2 Vegetarian Restaurant

Minh Hien Vegetarian is a vegetarian restaurant, which attracts a large number of vegetarian lovers. Recommended to taste fried spring rolls, fried tofu, fried noodles and curry vegetables. The restaurant is also a library where are a lot of comics on the bookshelf at the table. If you are not in a hurry, you can watch the comics here and relax.


Address: 50 Tran Cao Van, Hoi An 560000, Vietnam


10. Baby Mustard Restaurant

Baby Mustard Restaurant

The original quaint architecture has a warm interior. The most noteworthy thing is that the vegetables of the dishes all freshly plucked from the garden next to the restaurant. It is one of the best places to eat in Hoi An.

If you're interested, you can also take part in the cooking class.


Address: Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An 6500000, Vietnam


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