Top 7 Famous Food in Hoi An


As one of the typical representatives of Southeast Asian cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine occupies a very important position in the international catering industry. Hoi An has plenty of food to offer for tourists. They are usually made with dainty materials and fine procedures. Here we would like to introduce the top 7 famous food in Hoi An for your reference.


1. White Rose

White Rose

White Rose or Banh Bao Vac is a famous delicacy in Hoi An and is one of the three most famous snacks of Hoi An. The white rice soft skin is wrapped with delicious dried shrimps, formed into a rose petal-like random shape and placed on a plate. Sprinkled with oil-pickled shrimp and dried fish floss, the shape is quite like a rose. The sour and sweet juice prepared by dripping some fish sauce and lemon juice are used to increase the overall umami taste. Finally, sprinkle some shallots and parsley on the ends, and the white and green color is beautiful.


2. Fried Wonton

Fried Wonton

Fried Wonton is one of the three most famous snacks of Hoi An that you should not miss. Like the white rose, the skin of the wonton is also made of rice milk, which is light and crisp after being fried. The Wonton filling is similar to the meatball, and the taste is also quite smooth. The secret sauce was drizzled on the fried wonton with vegetables and shrimp, which made this famous dish.


3. Cao Lau

Cao Lau

Cao Lau is also regarded as one of the famous three snacks in Hoi An Ancient Town. Unlike rice noodles in other parts of Vietnam, Cao Lau is made into a wide and thick rice noodles. It is very flexible after cooking and is usually served with sauces and broken fried shortbread. Although Cao Lau is also sold elsewhere, it is not as good as Hoi An. Because it is said that Cao Lau is cooked in water from Ba Le Well, an ancient Well in the northeast of Hoi An ancient town.


4. Shrimp Cake

Shrimp Cake

Shrimp Cake is a kind of unique snack in Hoi An. The practice of shrimp cake is to wrap the batter with seasonings in fresh prawns and fry them in a hot oil pan. After the fried, and the scent is fragrant and tastes appetizing and crispy.


5. Banh Mi

Banh Mi

The Vietnamese baguette sandwich was a new taste of food born in the French colonial period, and the Vietnamese called it Banh Mi. The Vietnamese modified the baguette with locally produced glutinous rice flour. The baguette is slightly roasted on the charcoal fire, cut from the middle, and added with Vietnamese meat, pork skin, pickled cucumber and other ingredients, and then coated with mayonnaise or tomato sauce, full of local flavor. Roadside stalls selling Banh Mi can be seen in the streets and lanes of Vietnam.


6. Bun Dau Mam Tom

Bun Dau Mam Tom

Bun Dau Mam Tom, called Fried Tofu and Rice Vermicelli with Fermented Shrimp Paste Sauce in English, is made of deep-fried tofu, thin rice flour, cucumber and fresh herbs. This local cuisine is also served with fermented shrimp paste or mam tom. Quan Dau Bac is the best restaurant to taste the Bun Dau Mam Tom.


7. Mi Quang

Mi Quang

Mi Quang, meaning Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles in English, is absolutely a must-eat dish in Hoi An. Mi Quang takes its name from the local area, Quang Nam province. Mi Quang is made from yellow turmeric noodles, fish-bone soup, a couple of prawns, black pepper, shallots and garlic, topped with various meats, herbs and local green vegetables. You can eat this dish installs or restaurants.


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