Is Vietnam Safe to Travel

Traveling to a strange country, safety is the most important thing to consider before you travel. Lots of traveler may have a question: is it safe to travel to Vietnam now? Vietnam is the 43rd safest country in the world, based on the safest and most dangerous countries ranking. Overall, Vietnam is a relatively safe place to travel because Vietnam has stable political situation and lovely people. 


National Security in Vietnam

The Communist Party of Vietnam is the only legitimate party in the country. Vietnam’s overall political situation is stable and the security situation is in good condition, but there are also some crimes. Generally, the level of crimes is moderate. Violent crime in the country is rare. Petty crimes like a bag, purse snatching, pick pocketing and other types of petty crimes prevail. However, the Vietnamese people are working hard and are generally friendly to foreigners.


Petty Crime in Vietnam

The main means of transportation in Vietnam is motorcycles. When traveling, you must pay attention to traffic safety. The majority of Vietnam’s 14,000 annual traffic fatalities occur on a motorbike. Most traffic accidents in Vietnam occur between motorcycles and cars, or between motorcycles and motorcycles.


When taking a ride by motorbike taxi make sure your bag, if any, is not on display or easy to grab. Bag snatches, although still rare, are probably the most likely crime a tourist would encounter. Please remember to buy an insurance if your have a plan to rent the bikes or motorcycles.


Hotel Safety in Vietnam


Most Vietnamese hotels are very safe, especially for some star-rated hotels. The security measures are very good. Of course, you still have to keep your belongings. The valuables must be placed in the safe or handed over to the front desk for safekeeping. Keep your cash, credit cards, airline tickets and other valuables in a safe place. It is worth noting that those small hotels that do not have a camera installed or have weak security measures are easily targeted by thieves.


Food Safety in Vietnam

Street food in Vietnam will undoubtedly become a highlight of tourists’ journey. Vietnamese food is very fresh, with sweet, spicy, and smoked flavor, suitable for most tourists. It should be noted that the sanitary conditions in the small shops on the street are not ideal, but if you are eating cooked food, there is no problem. If you eat raw seafood, it may cause some to diarrhea. So, we recommend you take anti-diarrhea medications with you. Choose a regular restaurant to eat, to ensure the safety of food, do not go to the stall to buy food.


Women Travelers Safety

Women Traveler

Vietnam is considered a safe place for women to travel alone. The reported number of crimes against women in Vietnam are low, but sexual assaults do occur, particularly in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, etc. It is best for ladies to wear low-key clothes. Do not wear shorts except the beach.


When you arrive at your hotel, it is advisable to lock the door, whether you are going in or out, sleeping or awake. Pay attention to your personal space, environment and items when walking, shopping or taking a car. Do not take a bus or taxi alone in the evening and midnight.

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