Internet and Mobile in Vietnam

Internet and mobile are the indispensable tools for traveling to Vietnam. Internet and mobile in Vietnam are indeed relatively cheap compare with most countries in the world. It is very convenient to log on the internet or make phone call, and you don’t have to worry lose touch with your family or friends.


Vietnam Internet


Free WiFi are widely available in most the hotels, restaurants and cafes in the big cities and tourist attractions, including many cheap Guest Houses. They all have a good internet connection. So, it’s no problem to get connected and stay in touch. Only in very remote places (such as national parks) is it not standard.




Some budget hotels have computers with free internet access in the lobby even without WIFI. There are generally English systems in Vietnamese computers, and English web pages are basically accessible.


Cellular Network

If you feel that WiFi is not secure, you can also purchase a cellphone SIM card, open a traffic plan, and use cellular data traffic. Many SIM card deals allow you to use cellular traffic cheaply. You can buy a local SIM and pre-paid programs in a grocery store like Family Mart, which are on every street.


Vietnam Mobile

It is quite convenient to call in Vietnam. You can just buy a local SIM card directly from Vietnam and put it on your mobile phone that you bring from home and you will able to call to others. International phone code in Vietnam is 0084.


Phone cards are sold in convenient places, such as airports, post offices or mobile stores, and are also available in some supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. 3G and 4G data packages are some of the cheapest in the world at around 150,000d for 3GB and will enable you to use the net if WiFi is weak.


There are three major SIM cards operators in Vietnam: Viettel, Vinaphone and Vinaphone. Generally speaking, the phone cards can be divided into two types: Internet access only and both call and Internet, valid for 30 days. They are the prevailing GSM operators in Vietnam and offer good quality service and also their mobile Internet service is reliable.


Viettel SIM Card

Vietnam Telecom, Vietnam's largest and best signal communication company, has a large brand and good signal, but the promotion activities are relatively less. Viettel card charges are divided into two accounts, one for international direct dialing and the other for domestic calls. You’d better ask the balance of the two accounts when you buy.


Viettel SIM Card


Mobile Internet access method: After getting the SIM card, first send DK to 191, and then the system will return a text message, above are the basic information of each data package, what package you need to reply to the corresponding data package number.


Official website:


Vinaphone SIM Card

Each SIM card is 50,000 VND, there is no call charge, you need to choose recharge card to recharge, the face value is 100,000, 200,000, 300,000 VND. The telecom mobile phone and the customized cell phone do not support the use of Vinaphone card. The number beginning with 84 in the second row behind the card is the local number.


Vinaphone SIM Card


The card can be used without activation. Vinaphone card does not contain any free traffic, plug in the card can surf the Internet, but the cost is expensive. You can combine your own internet habits and open a 30-day monthly data package.


Official website:


Mobiphone SIM Card

Mobi is a communications operator built and operated by the Vietnamese military, with good signal, supporting 3G and 4G network. In Nha Trang, Da Nang and other places, the signal is better than other operators in Vietnam, so visitors to Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and other places in South Vietnam are preferred to mobiphone.


Mobiphone SIM Card


Official website:


Useful Vietnam Phone Number

Vitnam Phone Code/Dialing Code: +84

Police: 113

Fire police: 114

Emergency Center: 115

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