8 Best Things to Buy in Vietnam

Vietnam is not only a good place to travel, but also a shopping paradise. The price here is relatively cheap and you can buy a variety of quality goods, such as handcrafted items, food items, tailor-made clothing and others. If you are not sure what to buy in Vietnam for yourself or friend as a souvenir, then you can refer to our 8 best things to buy in Vietnam.


1. Ao Dai – Traditional Vietnamese Costume

Ao Dai

Ao Dai, the traditional national costume of Vietnam, usually made of silk. In modern Vietnamese, "Ao" refers to clothing that covers the neck below, while Dai means "long". The modern Ao Dai is known for its perfectly tailored fit. The top is split to the waist and is fitted with loose trousers. It highlights the curves of the body and shows the beauty of women. It is convenient to walk, sit and lie in daily life. Ao Dai is basically tailor-made, so it is suitable to buy a souvenir for yourself.


2. Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee

Due to its tropical location, Vietnam is rich in coffee beans, and its coffee is world-famous. Vietnam has become the world's second largest coffee exporter to date, second only to Brazil. In the coffee history of more than 100 years, Vietnam has developed unique Vietnamese coffee culture. Representative brands of Vietnamese coffee are Trung Nguyen and Highlands. Trung Nguyen ranks as one of the most celebrated local coffee brands throughout the country, and you can buy it at a shop in major cities. You can also go to the Highland coffee shop to buy coffee powder or coffee beans, and the quality and price are guaranteed. It will be a nice present for your coffee fan friends.


3. Silk Products

Silk Products

Silk is a traditional product of Vietnam and a special tourist product. Made from silkworm cocoons using manual looms, silk is one of the top things to buy in Vietnam. Silk was very precious in the early days as it only used by the Vietnamese royal family. Nowadays, silk can be seen in both the market and the store. A variety of totems, colors, can be used as shawls, scarves, etc., are wonderful gifts that many visitors will buy in Vietnam.


4. Miss Saigon Perfume

Miss Saigon Perfume

In addition to the coffee, Vietnam is also abundant in spices. When France colonized Vietnam, it brought the manufacturing process and technology of perfume to Vietnam. Later, the Vietnamese made their own beautiful, good-smelling and cheap perfumes with natural spices. The original perfume of Vietnam is "Miss Saigon", and the appearance is a girl wearing Ao Dai, with different colors and flavors. It would be a good choice when you send gifts for female friends.


5. Vietnamese Handicrafts - Lacquer Ware, Wood Carving

Vietnamese Handicrafts

Ho Chi Minh is one of the best places to buy Vietnamese handicraft items. Handicrafts sold in Ho Chi Minh City are well-made, low-priced, and available in a wide variety of styles. There are not only lacquerware and wood carvings, but also a series of hand-painted paintings, which can be given to friends as hand gifts or their own for collection. It can be bought at a general market or a small stall, and remember to bargain.


6. Conical Hat

Conical Hats

Conical hat, officially known as nón lá in Vietnamese, is a Vietnamese traditional hat that has been around since the 1700s. The hat is normally handcrafted using bamboo, palm leaves and Moc trees' bark as the main material. The conical hat can protect you from the rain or in the scorching and boiling hot weather in Vietnam. It is a perfect match with Ao Dai when wearing traditional Vietnamese costumes. Conical hats are available in general stores or stalls.


7. Fish Sauce

Fish Sauce

Fish sauce, or nuoc cham sauce, is a famous condiment in Vietnam, which is an essential dipping sauce for Vietnamese food. The best fish sauce in Vietnam is made by pure natural hand. Select fresh rice fish and shrimp as raw materials, salted and fermented. Studies have shown that fish sauce is rich in protein, and there are 17 kinds of amino acids, 8 of which are necessary for the human body. Daily consumption has a positive effect on the body.


8. Snake Wine

Snake wine

Snake wine is a tonic for Vietnamese people who strength the body and improve health since ancient times and is still very popular in northern Vietnam. On the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam or other towns, snake wine is easy to find on souvenir shelves, and lots of tourists like to buy two bottles to take home. Snake wine is usually placed in a bottle with a unique shape. The most expensive one is king cobra wine that soaked in high purity rice wine for more than five years.


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