What to Eat in Galle


Galle is located in the southwest of Sri Lanka, on the waterfront of the Indian Ocean. As a coastal city, the food resources here are very rich. It is very easy to find beautiful scenery in Galle, but it takes a little time and effort to find delicious food here. What to eat in Galle? Visitors can find many typical local foods in Galle.   



Where to eat in Galle

With the continuous improvement of tourism facilities in Galle, many excellent restaurants have appeared in the Galle old town area. These restaurants mainly focus on local food and Western food, and could provide good service. It is not difficult to find delicious foods in Galle. Galle's new town area is mainly dominated by local restaurants, providing various types of fried rice, Kottu, Roti, curry, etc. A lot of restaurants are near the Galle bus station, and these restaurants are more affordable and authentic taste. Visitors can go to the local supermarkets and vegetable markets to buy food materials and cook at the homestay.


What to eat in Galle

►Food in Galle - Staple

Rice, corn, cassava are the main foods in Galle. People also love fried noodles and fried rice. Local meals are usually simple and affordable. Galle people like to eat curry. Curry appears in almost every dish. The most popular meat curries include fish curry, chicken curry, beef curry, and vegetable curry. They are made with eggplant, okra, and potatoes. Beans can be used to make bean curries, and even fruits can be used to make curry, such as mango curry, jackfruit curry, etc.

Roti is the most common pasta staple in Galle, and it could be eaten with the unique hot sauce. In addition, fried noodles, fried rice, and fried cakes are also common staple foods. Among them, curry rice is the most popular food, diners who like curry can try it.

Lamprais is a staple food in Galle, which was developed after the Dutch colonization in the 17th century. Lamprais is composed of cooked rice and different curry chili sauce, spices, vegetables, wrapped in banana leaves, and slowly baked. It is usually prepared with chicken, beef, or fish.


►Food in Galle - Seafood  

Galle is close to the sea, and the superior geographical environment allows tourists to taste a variety of seafood here. The most worthwhile are lobster, sea crab, grouper and so on. The seafood is very fresh and big in Galle. Seafood lovers should not miss it.


►Food in Galle - Fruit

Galle is rich in fruits such as papaya, jackfruit, durian, mangosteen, golden coconut, etc. The most famous is the golden coconut. Coconut tastes very sweet, and coconut paste is also a good delicacy. If you want to taste the delicious food here thoroughly, you should first drink the coconut and then eat the coconut paste. No one can refuse this natural food in Galle.

In Galle, May-July is the season of mangosteen; it can be eaten until September. Local people also like to eat durian. Many vendors sell durian on the street. When travelers pass by, the vendors will enthusiastically sell durian to tourists. Sometimes tourists could also buy the durian in the supermarkets, but the price is not as cheap as vendors. Papaya juice is available in almost every Galle restaurant. Freshly squeezed fruit juice, with papaya flesh, tastes sweet and delicious. It's one of the most popular juices in Galle.


►Beverages in Galle

Alcoholic beverages are not sold in Muslim areas. Some supermarkets and shops sell coconut arrack, a coconut wine brewed by locals.

Black tea is the most common drink in Galle and throughout Sri Lanka. Whether you are in a restaurant, cafe or hotel, you can taste black tea.

Yogurt: Tourists can buy packaged yogurt in the supermarket. This kind of yogurt does not need to add sugar and can be eaten after opening. If you purchase local homemade yogurt, you can add syrup or sugar when you eat it. It tastes very sour if you drink directly. This curd yogurt is made from buffalo milk and is usually served in a rough clay pot. Yogurt has a dense texture and is a very authentic food in Galle.

In addition, visitors can buy all kinds of cookies with local flavor in the supermarket, such as spicy biscuits, curry biscuits, coconut biscuits, etc. The weather in Galle is very hot. At this time, tourists always eat ice cream to relieve the heat and thirst. In local cafes and supermarkets, visitors can buy delicious ice cream.


Recommended Restaurants in Galle

There are many seafood shops and western restaurants in Galle. The beach of Unawatuna is full of bars and western restaurants, offering a variety of seafood and western food, where the visitor can enjoy candlelight dinner on the beach. There are also some local restaurants in the village, offering Rotti and various fried rice at reasonable prices.

The restaurants in Hekaduwa are mainly concentrated on the coastal line and both sides of Galle road. Each hotel also has its own restaurant. The price of seafood here is roughly the same, the price of sea fish is 800-1200 Rs/kg, and the price of different types of shrimp is between 1500-2500 Rs/kg.


The Fort Printers

  • Location: 39 Pedlar Street, Galle 80000, Sri Lanka
  • Tel: +94- 91- 2247977
  • Opening Hours: 12:00pm-15:30pm,18:00pm-22:00pm

This is one of the most local hotels in Galle; there is a beautifully decorated colonial-style restaurant in the hotel. The setting is perfect for a romantic meal. The lobster curry is very popular, and the service is excellent. The price is a little expensive, and there is an extra charge for tax and service.


Bedspace Kitchen

  • Location: Egodawatta Lane,Unawatuna 90800,Sri Lanka
  • Tel: +94-91-2250156
  • Opening Hours: 12:00pm-15:30pm,18:00pm-22:00pm

Located at Galle's famous Unawatuna beachside, the restaurant has received a lot of good reviews. Prawn curry with lemon tea is a popular dish. The chicken kebabs, steaks are also worth a try. There are so many people in the busy season that you can make reservations in advance.


A Minute by Tuk Tuk

  • Location: Hospital Street | Shop # U-12, Old Dutch Hospital, Galle
  • Tel: +94 77 289 4249
  • Opening Hours: 12:00pm-15:30pm,18:00pm-22:00pm

The restaurant has excellent outdoor and indoor seating. From outdoor seats, you can enjoy the beautiful sea view, hear the waves crashing under our feet, and see the Galle city lights. Advance reservations are not accepted, so it's better to go to the restaurant earlier to avoid the crowd.


Travel tips

1. Tap water will have a strong smell of disinfectant water; you can buy drinking water in the supermarket.

2. Some people do not adapt to the local food in Galle. It is suggested that medicines can be used to treat diarrhea.

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