Nightlife in Osaka


Why so many tourists choose to travel to Osaka? Because Osaka itself has many advantages: the price is lower than Tokyo, and there are more places to visit than Tokyo, and the nightclubs here are not worse than Tokyo in terms of quantity and quality! If you want to experience Japanese cultural life in Osaka, going to nightlife in Osaka is also an essential thing. Osaka nightlife is mainly distributed in Namba or Umeda. Namba area is the main nightlife area in Osaka.


Club in Osaka for foreigners

What is the club in Osaka for foreigners?  In Osaka, there are 2 types de bar for foreigners: bars for foreigners and nightclubs. In Osaka, the mot “gaijin” means foreigners. But "foreigner bars" does not mean that only foreigners can go to these bars and that foreigners cannot go to other bars. This usually indicates that the frequent visitors of these bars are mostly foreigners. In these bars, the waiter is able to speak English and can communicate with non-Japanese speakers.


Recommended bars in Osaka

►N0.1 ADAM Lounge (Near Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street)

  • Recommended reason: 5-stars nightclub and Hermes in nightclubs in Osaka
  • Opening hours: 22:00-last day(Friday to Saturday), 02:00-4:00(Sunday to Thursday)

ADAM Lounge

The general night club will not provide a meal order service, but in the ADAM Lounge you can taste the authentic Western food at a reasonable price! The combination of nightclubs and restaurants is very special! Therefore, the ADAM Lounge is very suitable for those who are more shy or the first time to the nightclub. If you are afraid that you will not be able to adapt to the nightclub, you can consider this bar.

In addition, ADAM Lounge is the first 5-stars nightclub in Osaka even in Japan. It is called Hermes in nightclubs. In addition to the dance hall in the general nightclub, there is also vip rooms. The vip room is a completely independent small space, you can eat, drink, and even have a karaoke directly, which is completely protecting the privacy of the customers! The ADAM Lounge with such a perfect area is undoubtedly the preferred nightclub for wealthy people, stars and elites in Japan! For example, Korean music group BIGBANG often goes there to have parties.



  • Recommended reason: The largest and most concentrated nightclub in Osaka
  • Opening hours: 19:00-1:00(Monday to Sunday)


GIRAFFE JAPAN is synonymous with Osaka Club and Osaka Nightclub. It is the largest and most concentrated nightclub in Osaka. Its unique double-decker entertainment floor is a special feature. It has a total of 4 floors. The first floor is the front desk and the dressing room. The second floor is the DJ area and dance hall. The third floor is the vip room and special seats for dating. The forth floor is another DJ area and dance hall. You can walk freely between the second floor and the forth floor. In Osaka, GIRAFFE JAPAN is the only nightclub that you can enjoy the joy of the nightlife at the two dance hall in the two floors at one night. This nightclub is large enough to have a good atmosphere of nightlife. It is located in the bustling business district of Shinsaibashi in Namba. The transport is convenient here. There are English speaking staff and English menus. In addition, the price of this nightclub is reasonable. Young people who love music often gather here. The atmosphere is super high.



  • Recommended reason:  The first club in Japan to set up smoking and no smoking areas
  • Opening hours: 23:00-4:00(Friday to Saturday), 22:00-4:00(Sunday to Thursday)


Cheval is a French mot which means “horse”. You can also understand it in another way. It represents woman who is unruly. Therefore, CHEVAL is a nightclub that takes care of  the feeling of women. Considering that women don't like smoke, CHEVAL has set up smoking and non-smoking areas, which is the first club in Japan to set up smoking and no smoking areas.

In this nightclub, you can enjoy the perfect music with powerful and clear sound. This nightclub is also large with two floors. The decoration is very gorgeous. Different types of banquets are allowed to be held in these two floors. This is convenient for many customers who want to reduce the cost of the venue. It must be said that CHEVAL is very considerate for customers.


►No.4 BERG

  • Recommended reason:  Modern and fashionable nightclub in Osaka
  • Opening hours: 24:00-last day(Friday to Sunday)


The most special thing about BERG is the style of decoration. The decoration style of the nightclub is modern and fashionable. BERG is in the European retro style, which likes the luxurious style of the European royal palace. In addition, it is located near the Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street and the traffic is very convenient.



  • Recommended reason: One of the pioneers of nightlife
  • Opening hours: 21:00-last day


Not only nightclubs in Osaka, but every nightclub in Japan has its own characteristics. CLUB PICADILLY is one of the pioneers of nightlife. The special creative show is the characteristic of this club. This special show is focusing on the club music and video performances of DJ performing arts. The fusion of "Japanese culture" and "dance music" is performed in the live performance of exciting dance performances and Japanese musical instruments.

PICCADILLY's special performances allow you to feel the Japanese culture. You can feel the impact of European and American culture and soul. The fusion and sublimation of culture will be presented to you if you visit this nightclub. The show has heavy metal, DJ and Japan's unique Taiko, from which you can experience how these things blend together. The PICCADILLY nightclub also has the world's highest level of sound and new equipment, which can bring a very good atmosphere of nightlife.


Tips for nightlife in Osaka

If you want to experience the nightlife of Osaka and you miss the nearby subway or train when you want to go back to the hotel, you have to call a taxi or walk back. Unless you stay there for all a night, you can take the subway back the next morning.

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