Best Time to Visit Osaka


Kansai is the birthplace of Japan, and the intensity of historical sites is the highest in Japan. If you can only play in one area of Japan, Kansai is your best choice. As the center of Kansai, Osaka has naturally become the first stop for many travelers to play Kansai. But when is the best time to visit Osaka? Best time to visit Osaka is from March to April in spring, from October to November in autumn.


Where is Osaka?( Osaka map)

Osaka (おおさか) is located in the Kansai region of central Japan. Osaka, the city that is located in the center of Honshu Island of Japan, is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. Although it is a major economic area in Kansai, its long history is enough to attract visitors to visit Osaka.

In addition, the traffic in Osaka is very convenient. From Osaka, you can reach Kyoto, Nara and other ancient cities in less than 40 minutes. The ancient charms there will also bring you a special flavor.


Weather of Osaka

Osaka is located in the northern temperate zone and belongs to the subtropical maritime monsoon climate. It has four distinct seasons and is warm all year round, making it ideal for sightseeing.


Best time to visit Osaka

When is the best time to visit Osaka? Located at 34 degrees north latitude, Osaka has a mild and humid climate with four distinct seasons. The climate is pleasant throughout the year, and there are various gatherings and festivals held every season. You can visit Osaka the whole year. Best time to visit Osaka is from March to April in spring, from October to November in autumn.


Travel to Osaka in Spring(March to May)

Mint Museum

The minimum temperature in this time is 3 ° C ~ 15 ° C, the highest temperature is 15 ° C ~ 25 ° C. From the end of March to the beginning of April, the spring is coming in a gradually warm climate. Cherry blossoms can be seen everywhere. Cherry blossoms are undoubtedly the focus of people traveling in the spring.

The tickets for the spring are a bit expensive, but the cherry blossoms in the parks and sides of the river bank are blooming. The scenery is very charming, and various lively flower viewing activities are also held. During this period, the most famous cherry blossoms in Mint Museum will be opened to the public, so don't miss it.

Where to visit: Osaka Castle Park,Nagai Park,Mint Museum are all best places for cherry blossom viewing


Travel to Osaka in Summer(June to August)

Shirokita Park

The minimum temperature in this time is 17° C ~ 25 ° C, the highest temperature is 15 ° C ~ 32 ° C. During the rainy season in June, in Shirokita Park, there is full of flowers bloom. Although these are not as famous as cherry blossoms, they still attract many flower lovers.

Moreover, during this time of summer, there are also many festivals in Japan. Such as the god sacrifice, the transplanting festival and the Bonan Festival. By then, the night in Japan will be brightly lit. There is full of fireworks.

Where to visit: Shirokita Park, Bonan Festival


Travel to Osaka in Autumn(September to November)

Midosuji Parade

The minimum temperature in this time is 8° C ~ 14° C, the highest temperature is 12 ° C ~ 20° C. Osaka is also a good place to travel in autumn. The ginkgo leaves on both sides of the street turn yellow. The whole city is more chic with the wind. During this period, if you walk around the Osaka City Central Hall and the Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library, you will have a different view. In addition to this, there are red leaves in the countryside. Come to Osaka in autumn, the colorful itinerary will definitely make you feel good.

When the leaves of the ginkgo trees on both sides of Osaka's most prosperous Midosuji Street are gradually yellowing, the famous Midosuji Parade will be held. By that time, there will be many powerful "floating cars" and "bands" parading along the street. In addition, Osaka Castle Park and Tennoji Park also held an exotic chrysanthemum exhibition.

Where to visit: Osaka City Central Hall, Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library, Midosuji Street, Osaka Castle Park and Tennoji Park


Travel to Osaka in Winter(December to February)

Osaka in winter

The minimum temperature in this time is 2° C ~ 5° C, the highest temperature is 8 ° C ~ 12° C. In winter, there is very little snow in Osaka, and the temperature is not very low. At the end of the year, all major shopping malls will carry out various price reduction promotions, which is the best time for shopping. The streets and plazas in the city are decorated with a variety of charming lighting. There are many discounts in winter. In addition, you should try a unique outdoor hot spring in the cold winter.


Tips for clothing

Osaka has a lot of rain all year round, and it is particularly hot in summer. Winter is warmer than Tokyo. You can wear a single coat in spring and autumn. You should pay attention to anti-heatstroke in summer and prepare a cold jacket in winter.

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