Best Time to Visit Beijing


Beijing is a city with four distinct seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. When is the best time to travel to Beijing? What kind of clothes do you wear in Beijing in various seasons?

The spring and autumn are the best time to come to Beijing. The blossom is everywhere in spring, and the whole city is full of vitality. Beijing is cool in Autumn, and the red leaves are everywhere. It would be great to climb the Great Wall and have a picnic outdoor.

Spring (March - May): The spring temperature in Beijing is suitable and comfortable. The blossom is everywhere. In the urban area, you can go to the lake in Beihai Park, go on a green outing, or go to the suburbs to visit the Great Wall and visit the ancient temple.

Autumn (September - November): Autumn in Beijing usually begins in mid September and ends in mid November. During this period temperatures are cooler and the magic of fall casts a red spell over the maple trees of Beijing, turning the famous attractions into beautiful autumn scenery. Photography lovers must grab the opportunity to capture the beauty.

Attention: The two golden weeks of 'May 1 Labor Day Week' and 'October 1 National Day Week' are also the peak period of tourism. Accommodation reservations and transportation are also tight, and prices will rise more than usual. It is wise to avoid these two weeks.


What to Wear?

In March and April, the spring of Beijing has just begun, and there may be wind and sand. At this time, you should wear a thick coat and a mask.

In May, Beijing is getting warm, and you can wear a thin coat at this time. If you are allergic to pollen, you must be extra careful.


The summer in Beijing (From June to August) is unbelievably hot, please make sure you wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Drink a bunch of water regularly in case you get heat stroke.


The autumn in Beijing(From September to November) is relatively cool in the morning and evening. It will be hot at noon, and you can wear a thick coat outside and wear thinner clothes inside.


The winter in Beijing is from December to February of the following year. It is freezingly cold, please wear a down coat.

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