Best Things to Do at Night in Beijing


There are tons of cultural and historical icons in Beijing, and at the end of each day you are going to be tired/in need of a good drink and a place to relax. Here are 10 best bars for you to explore!


1. Red Dog

It is a crazy amazing disco bar. It has fantastic atmosphere with great DJ and exceptional drinks. I am not exaggerating but you will probably drink one of the best handmade cocktails in Beijing. The bar is really beautiful and the people are friendly. Don't miss this incredible place.

Location: B1-538, Bldg 5, Sanlitun Soho Chaoyang District, Beijing


2. Mai Bar

Mai Bar is charmingly hidden inside the Hutong, this place is well worth a short walking in the dark, and the narrow Hutong is not so far away from Gulou street (line 2). Make your way in the night through the dim lights of Bei Luo Gu Xiang, find the sly gate and gain access to this little pearl. For anyone who likes great cocktails, a massive selection of whisky, or just chill out a little, this is the place for you. The drinks are fantastic, and there was a huge selection, the bartenders meticulously made every drink. Also, this place is well kept, very clean, not too cramped, with indoor and outdoor seating. Highly recommended!

Location: No.40 Beiluogu Alley, Dongcheng District, Beijing


3. Equis

Equis is an oasis with tasty cocktails and food. Equis features a unique and stunning design. Equis has it all - Lounge, Disco, Dancing, large bar, and private Karaoke Rooms. Sitting here, the head bartender will recommend some of his cocktails to you. They are excellent and mixed with ingredients of best quality.

Location: No.48 Liangmaqiao Road, Beijing


4. East Shore Live Jazz Café 

It is a nice and intimate Café with great Jazz music and atmosphere. Usually the place is full with jazz lover. The jazz band is playing very professional. Also, the jazz band is very into their music, so fluent and soulful that you could hear the story or their mind in it; this makes it even more intimate. The stage is acoustically set up to provide a great sound throughout the bar. If you are a jazz lover, you probably find your soulmate here. Good selection of drinks, tasty single malt selection (albeit small), a dark wooden upper room, with beautiful views over HouHai lakes and a good place to kick back and enjoy Jazz. If you don't visit this place, you are missing out.

Location: The 2nd floor, No.2 Building, Hainanyan, Da Street, Di An Gate, Beiijng


5. Janes and Hooch  


It is a hidden gem of Beijing. There is a great selection of cocktails and the vibe is really classy but laid back at the same time. Music is mostly 90s and 00s popular hits, so it definitely feels old school which appeals to more younger generation. Some visitors quoted 'the best cocktail bar' in Highly recommended!

Location: No.4 Yard, North Gongti Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


6. Long Jing (Long Jing Modern Tea House & Cockteal Lounge) 

If you love whiskey and tea, this place is nirvana for you. The atmosphere is lovely and the cocktails are amazing. It is a magical place – tea house at day and bar at night! During daytime, it is a very calm tea house and a perfect place to meet friends or work/read/study. At night, it turns into a bar with a hip crowd. Their specialty are cockteals (cocktails on tea basis). There is a DJ on weekends playing mainly house music. I bet that you can stay there for the whole night. Highly recommended!

Location: No.4 North Gongti Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


7. Bungalow Tiki and Cocktail Bar

It is a wonderful cocktail bar which hidden in the hutongs and fun to search it out. Cool vibe, fun and great pride and professionalism put into each drink. There is a large range of cocktails, the owners are friendly and are willing to tailor the cocktails to your specific tastes or to recommend one for you.

Location: Jiaodaokou Bei Santiao, Dongcheng District, Beijing


8. The Black Moth

The bar is decorated with a lot of contemporary art. It creates a homey atmosphere to you. The drink menu is not very big but lists some interesting drinks like the "Black Truffle". The service is very nice. A customer quoted in that 'Of the drinks that I have tried on my multiple visits, there wasn't one I did not enjoy.’

Location: the Fourth Floor, Nali Patio Building Complex, No.81 Sanlitun North Road, Beijing


9. La Social

Small and quirky, atmospheric and hip, retro and comfy, there's a bunch of stuff going on at La Social which will make you unforgettable. It serves one of the best drink in Beijing. Please don't hesitate to give it a try if you are in Sanlitun!

Location: Third floor, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang district


10. Mao Livehouse

The MaoLivehouse Bar is a bar that has evolved with times. There is a group of lovers who have a strong passion for Rock Music. The dim light in the bar gives a feeling of sudden eruption, perhaps indicating that the visitors here are free to let go of their mood and enjoy the fanatic feelings. Not only does the strong atmosphere attract people, but the professional sound design, lighting design and new layout of the bar will immerse you in. Highly recommended!

Location: No.111 East Gulou Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing



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