Souvenirs from Kyoto


Walking around the streets of Kyoto, you will find antiques everywhere. As one of the oldest cities in Japan, the heavy historical accumulation makes Kyoto a paradise for literary lovers. If you feel that you don't have time to taste the Kyoto culture when traveling, you may wish to bring a few souvenirs from Kyoto to your home, whether it is your own or for your relatives and friends.


Souvenirs from Kyoto: Food

a. Uji tea

Uji tea

Uji tea is one of Japan's three famous teas. It is a premium brand of Japanese green tea, the most famous of which is named Yulu produced in the southern part of Kyoto, centered on Uji City. Uji is a small town in southern Kyoto with beautiful scenery, as well as a wealth of tea products.


b. Traditional Japanese sweets - Wagashi


Wagashi refers to the traditional snacks in Kyoto, which was used for ceremonies of shrines, especially for vegetarian feasts. These sweets are generally fruity and very popular with children. Wagashi not only has a good taste, but more importantly, it looks beautiful. Some confectionery shops also use the poster papers of the 1960s and 1970s to package sweets, which is more nostalgic.


c. Pickled vegetables in Kyoto

Pickled vegetables

The pickled vegetables of Kyoto are also the home-cooked dishes of Kyoto people. Whether add them into breakfast or dinner with porridge or rice, it can add a lot of flavor. These pickled vegetables are sliced and have a good taste and beautiful shape.


Souvenirs from Kyoto: Traditional Cosmetics

Traditional Cosmetics of Japan

Many cosmetics that modern people have not used, such as pencils for eyebrow, lipsticks, blotting papers, etc., can still be seen here. In fact, many of the ancient things are more classic, and occasionally it is a good thing to break away from the modern constraints. Maybe, you can bring back some to your mother, and those things that belong to their age may be more able to touch their heart.


Souvenirs from Kyoto: Crafts

a. Nishijin Traditional Textiles

Nishijin Traditional Textiles

Nishijin textile is a kind of fabric. It is a traditional Japanese handicraft, with a wide variety and a small amount of production. It is named after its origin in the Nishijin area of Kyoto, Japan. In the Kamigyo district of Kyoto, there is the Nishijin Textile Center, which is a cultural center of Nishijin Textile. In addition to Nishijin Textile performances and historical materials of Nishijin Textile. There are neckties, shawls leather bags and other products made from Nishijin Textile sold. Tourists can also experience the Nishijin Textile courses on the machine.


b. Kyoto Doll

Kyoto Doll

Kyoto dolls are the highest level of humanoid dolls with clothing and accessories made of brightly colored Nishijin textile. The meticulous craftsmanship and sewing techniques are all fascinating with beauty.


c. Kiyomizu pottery

Kiyomizu pottery

Kiyomizu pottery is a ceramic art of Kyoto. It is named after the Kiyomizu-dera Temple. The Kiyomizu pottery is rich in color and various in shape. If the pottery is used for cooking. It not only reflects the color and shape, but also creates an elegant and quiet atmosphere. At Kiyomizu-Zaka Street, near Kiyomizu-dera Temple, there are many shops selling Kiyomizu pottery.


d. Oilpaper umbrella

Oilpaper umbrella

The oilpaper umbrellas in Kyoto are very particular. The colors and patterns are in Japanese style. The oilpaper umbrella is completely handmade. Only ten to twenty oilpaper umbrella can be produced in two months, so it is expensive.


e. Shoyeido Incense

Shoyeido Incense

The incense in Kyoto has a long history along with the development of Kyoto temples and religions, as well as the function of incense worship. In recent years, in addition to adhering to the traditional ancient method, it has added innovative elements. In addition to purifying the air, the incense is also integrated into the aesthetic taste of daily life, enhancing the functional awareness and experience of incense.

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