Food and Drink in Kyoto


What to eat in Kyoto? In Kyoto, the intersection of history and modernity is also reflected in a variety of cuisines. From traditional Japanese cuisine to Western cuisine, different styles and tastes of food will bring different enjoyment. Washoku or Japanese cuisine was selected as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2013. Kyoto is also famous for its traditional Japanese snacks, some of which are also used in tea parties.

Kaiseki cuisine originated in Kyoto is a representative of Japanese cuisine. In addition to Kaiseki cuisine, ordinary Japanese cuisine is also found everywhere in Kyoto, with a wide variety of foods such as sushi, sashimi, and tempura. In addition to these traditional Japanese foods, what other specialties are in Kyoto?


Food in Kyoto

1、Vegetables and fruits in Kyoto

Vegetables and fruits in Kyoto

When it comes to Kyoto cuisine, you can't help but mention vegetables and fruits in Kyoto. The fruits and vegetables are only produced in Kyoto. However, after 2009, it refers to the traditional vegetables of Kyoto or the fruit and vegetable brands recognized by Kyoto. Vegetables and fruits in Kyoto, commonly known as eggplant, pumpkin, etc. If you are staying in a homestay with a kitchen, it is highly recommended to go to the Nishiki Market or the supermarket to buy vegetables and fruits in Kyoto. Your own cooking is also very interesting!


2、Kaiseki cuisine

Kaiseki cuisine

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, the high-end Kaiseki cuisine is also a dish that visitors want to try. It is a representative of Japanese cuisine. The general diners sit in the Japanese courtyard, and the store presents the delicate dishes in order. It is not only the taste of the ingredients, but also a feel of Sincerity. There are old shops selling Kaiseki cuisine all over Japan, among which Kaiseki cuisine in Kyoto is the most famous.




When it comes to Kyoto's souvenirs, Kyo-wagashi is a good choice. Many of them are desserts that were previously presented to the royal family in ancient times. Kyo-wagashi has a long history and precious in ancient times. Many of them are exquisite. The price of Kyo-wagashi is not so expensive. You can choose Kyo-wagashi with a lower price. Both tourists and Japanese like to eat this snack. If you want to experience traditional culture of Kyoto, Kyo-wagashi is definitely the first choice.


4、Western snacks and coffee

Western snacks and coffee

Although Kyoto is a very traditional ancient city of Japan, there are also many Western-style food, especially like bread, muffins, etc. There are many shops serving western snacks and coffee in Kyoto. Kyoto is also the place with the most consumption of bread in Japan. If you don't know what to eat for breakfast, bread is a good choice. In Kyoto, there are many famous coffee shops. Not only Machiya coffee, but even well-known chain of Starbucks has opened a branch, attracting many visitors. If you are a coffee and snacks lover, you can’t miss it in Kyoto.


5、Tofu cuisine – Kyo-Tofu


Tofu is a famous food in Kyoto. Tofu is a must-have ingredient in the lives of local residents in Kyoto. Kyo-Tofu is made in Kyoto's unique climate and environment. It is a unique brand. Because the production of tofu is closely related to the water quality, the water quality is also excellent in Kyoto, so the Kyo-tofu is very delicious! There are many famous tofu shops in Kyoto. There are often long queues for mealtimes. So if you want to taste Kyo-Tofu. It is best to book table in advance.




When it comes to Japanese food, ramen is definitely one of the things that everyone mentions. There are some differences in the ramen in various cities in Japan. Ramen has also developed many local flavors in Kyoto. There are many famous ramen shops in Kyoto. Many Japanese have made a special trip to Kyoto to eat ramen.


Drinks in Kyoto

1、Japanese sake

Japanese sake

Japanese sake is mainly made from rice and is made in a traditional Japanese way. Japanese people often say that sake is a gift from God. For more than 1,000 years, sake has been the most popular drink for Japanese people. There is sake at large banquets or in the wedding ceremony. Sake has become the quintessence of Japan. Most of Japan's famous sake factories are concentrated in Kobe and Kyoto in Kansai. Sake in Fushimi area of Kyoto is famous.




Uji is rich in tea. When it comes to Kyoto, many people will mention Matcha. There are many famous matcha shops in Kyoto. Matcha is a must-try drink in Kyoto. There is a taste of bitter in the thick matcha sweetness. For children, matcha ice cream and other desserts are also very pleasing!

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