Kyoto Tours

Kyoto city is located in a basin in Kansai, Japan, surrounded by mountains on three sides and connected to Osaka Prefecture on one side. Kyoto has a long history of over 1,200 years. It is a veritable ancient capital of the millennium. Kyoto is the spiritual hometown of the Japanese, the source of Japanese culture, and the symbol of Japan's culture. Kyoto is famous for historical buildings such as shrines and Buddhist pavilions, courtyards, paintings, traditional events, and Kyoto cuisine. The four seasons of Kyoto have their unique charm. In spring, you can walk on the paths of the cherry trees and feel the cherry petals falling from your shoulders; in summer you can enjoy wine on the Kamo River and watch the lights on the other side; in autumn, you can walk on the moon bridge and marvel at the whole world stained with maple leaves; in winter, you can listen to the sound of falling snow at the Temple of the Golden Pavilion. Even if you don't follow a fixed schedule, walking aimlessly in this city is a little adventure full of surprises.


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Tokyo-Hakone- Kyoto-Nara -Osaka-Hiroshima

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