Best Things to Do at Night in Guilin


Guilin has long been renowned for its scenery of karst topography and is one of China's most popular tourist destinations. Besides miraculous sceneries, what can you expect nighlifes in Guilin? Here we've listed 7 options for you to choose!


1. Take a Night Cruise on Two Rivers and Four Lakes

The Two Rivers and Four Lakes scenic area refers to the water loop consisted of Li River, Peach Blossom River, Mulong Lake, Gui Lake, Rong Lake, and Shan Lake that enclose the downtown Guilin. A cruise through the area is definitely a highlight of a Guilin city tour. A two-rivers-four-lakes cruise can be done during both days and nights. However, night cruises are far better. When night falls, many lanterns and lights are lit and music fountains in the lakes start to entertain the public, making the area a lovely place to go. Taking a sightseeing boat to cruise this inner-city water loop, you will get the most beautiful scenes of the night Guilin. It is one of the best things to do in Guilin to spend your night.


2. Amber Bar

Firstly, you will be deeply attracted by the scene inside, a dazzling array of whiskeys which is the tear from paradise for whiskey lovers. The professional waiters will guide you and introduce you the whiskey you would like to try. It will certainly bring you a new perspective and understanding of whiskey. You will enjoy a wonderful night here. It has ranked no.1 nightlife in Guillin.

Address: Building 10-07, 36 East Chuanshan Road, Qixing District, Guilin, China


3. Amani Bar

Amani bar is located along the bustling Zhengyang Pedestrian Street. The bar is known for its tasty Western food, and particularly for serving great pizza. The space is cozy and casual with several outdoor tables for anyone wanting a bit of fresh air. After dinner and drinks, travelers can wander along the shore of the nearby Li River.

Address: 159 Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Guilin, China
Tel: 86 773 280 9351


4. Joy's Bar

It's perfect for foreigners looking to get some western food – if you are a little worn down after several days of Chinese food and this is exactly what you are look for. The Orange Duck and Black Pepper Chicken dishes are great. Ambiance is lively. The manager is a cool guy who is brewing his own beer. It's worth a visit.

Address: Jiefang East Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin, China


5. Side Street Bar

Conveniently positioned on Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Side Street Bar offers you excellent outside seating. There is no indoor seating, as the bar takes up most of the interior space, so the party inevitably pours out onto the street. With vibrant music and lively crowds, the bar is impossible to miss. The drinks are reasonably priced, and there is a good selection of food options.

Address: Side Street Bar, No 4 Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Guilin


6. Baidile KTV


Karaoke is an important part of Chinese nightlife culture. You can find dozens of KTVs in Guilin. Hold the mic and choose your favorite songs, it is time to throw a concert of your own. Let off steam and negativity, you can't miss this way.

Address: 5-6TH floor, Xinmeng Department Store, 20 Zhongshan Zhong Road, Xiangshan Distrct, Guilin, China
Openning Hours: 11h – 2h
Tel: +86 773 759 5672


7. Yangshuo West Street

West Street is most popular among foreign tourists and usually full of backpackers. English is the most heard language here so please don’t be surprised if an old Chinese lady starts speaking English with you. Some bars aside the street open 24/7. Hustle and bustle of the dynamic Yangshuo West Street awaits you to explore the magic – entertainment, great vibe, food, culture, and so much more. The number of foreigners who come here to travel leisurely every year is three times that of the permanent residents here.

Address: West Street, Yangshuo Country, Guilin, China

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