Best Time to Visit Guilin


Guilin has beautiful sceneries and has enjoyed the reputation of ‘the best landscapes in the world’ since ancient times. Guilin also has a unique folk customs and culture of more than ten ethnic minorities such as Zhuang, Yao, Miao, and Yi. So when is the best time and season to come to Guilin?


The Best Season to Travel to Guilin is from April to October Every Year

In the rainy season in late May, the water level of the Li River will rise, and the water flow will be turbid which is not conductive to seeing the reflection. However, the temperature is not high at this time, it is cooler when it rains, and it creates a dreamy environment.

At the end of the rainy season in July and August, the river surface is clear, but at this time the temperature is high, and it is also the golden season of tourism with more tourists. Therefore, if you are afraid of hot weather, it is recommended to go to Guilin in May or September.

The two golden weeks of 'May 1 Labor Day Week' and 'October 1 National Day Week' are also the peak period of tourism. Accommodation reservations and transportation are also tight, and prices will rise more than usual. It is wise to avoid these two weeks and choose an off-season trip to savor the beauty of the Guilin. What to wear in Guilin?


What to Wear in Guilin?


In the early spring of April, please prepare a jacket to keep warm.

The weather in Guilin from May to June is rainy and humid, although the daily maximum temperature is around 32 degrees, but because of the high humidity, the rainy season is hot, it is best to wear cool clothes.

Pay attention to sun protection during the summer season from July to August. There are many landscapes in Guilin, so it is best to wear flat shoes. Take mosquito repellent.


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