Top 9 Restaurants in Guilin


Guilin is a famous tourism city attracts tourists from all over the world. It's not enough to remember Guilin by appreciating the sceneries. Wonderful dining experience and remarkable food will also make you love Guilin more and more. In general, Guilin's food is a little spicy and tasty. We've listed 9 restaurants for you to explore Guilin's restaurants.

1. 'Gold Dragon Village' Restaurant     金龙寨

'Gold Dragon Village' Restaurant is one of the most famous chain restaurants and special restaurant in Guilin. It is mainly composed of Guilin Northern flavor cuisine, plus Cantonese cuisine, Hunan cuisine and Sichuan cuisine. Steamed Sliced Pork with Lipu Taro, steamed sword bone fish, wooden barrel chicken, mushroom old duck soup and so on will satisfy your appetite. The ingredient is fresh, and the taste is authentic. The restaurant enjoys a good reputation around the area. It is one of the best choices for eating in Guilin.

Address: Floor 4th, Shanhu Lake Hotel, Guilin Central Square, Xiufeng District, Guilin

Tel: 0773-2825533, 0773-2836199


2. Forrest Gump Restaurant     阿甘酒家

The restaurant offers home style dishes, featuring sour and spicy (customers can ask the waitress/waiter to change the taste according to their favor). The dishes here are great and cheap, making it an attractive option for the local people. As its specialty, stewed meat and cabbage is popular and highly recommended.

Address: 11 Pedestrian Street, Xicheng Road, Xiangshan District

Tel: 0773-2887575, 0773-2808080


3. Xiaonanguo     小南国

If you are looking to try all the local Guilin delicacies at one place, go to Xiaonanguo on Wenming Road. The food here is delicious and authentic and highly rated by local Guilin people. It is a large restaurant with fast service and great Chinese menu specialize in fish cuisine. The service is not brilliant but the food makes up for it. This restaurant is in a very convenient location right across the road from the tower of Sun and moon. If you want to try some good clean local food in the heart of Guilin, just go for it. Also, the price is very reasonable.

Address: No.3 Wenming Road, Xiangshan District, Guilin

Tel: 0773-2855518


4. 'Chun Ji Roast Goose' Restaurant     椿记烧鹅

It is a very famous restaurant in Guilin. The dishes here combine the characteristics of Xiang, Cantonese cuisines, and the local flavor of Guilin. The roast goose is a signature dish which is famous for its crispy skin and delicious taste. The restaurant has a good dining environment and the waiters are very welcoming, but since the business is good, it is necessary to reserve a seat in advance. We recommend rice noodles, scallops, goose wings, snails, goose intestines, durian crisps, duck chin, pork roast, scalloped taro, cold fern root powder, goose palm, and so on.

Address: No. 2 Zhongshan Middle Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin

Tel: 0773-2806188, 0773-2856188


5. Maixiang Fang Restaurant     麦香坊

Founded in 1996, the restaurant has refreshed people's appetite for many years. It has both Chinese and more fusion food of China and Europe. Clean and lively restaurant with a wide variety of dishes, and the price is reasonable, the service is remarkable. You will find your favorite in here! Absolutely delicious! The dishes are like heaven in mouth! This one you must give it a shot.

Address: No.15 Qixing Road, Qixing District, Guilin

Tel: 0773-5821920


6. Pizza Park     披萨公园

If you miss some western food, here, in Pizza Park, you will get the authentic and innovative pizza. Ingredients are very good, crust is soft and chewy. Pizza Park is really a decent place which offers you superb pizzas and salads! It has been ranked the best Italian style pizza and western food in Guilin. This place is absolutely exceptional.

Address: No.3 Fuxing Road, Qixing District, Guilin

Tel: 0773-5831573


7. Mosque Restaurant    清真馄饨店

If you look for a wonton restaurant, this is the place. The restaurant is easy to spot because it has Arabian and Chinese writings on the board on the front door. Located in the back streets with plenty of other little shops selling food, it is only 12rmb for 30 wontons. Good tasting wontons and left satisfaction. No English speaking at this place so either write down what you want beforehand or have someone who speaks mandarin. Guilin locals are more than willing to help.

Address: Mosque, Chongshan Road, Xiangshan District, Guilin, China

Tel: 0773-2885288


8. Guilin Chongshan Rice Noodle Restaurant     桂林崇善米粉

It's one of the most famous brand restaurants in Guilin. You can find Guilin Chongshan Rice Noodles Restaurant nearly every 500 meters in downtown Guilin. 4 words to describe this restaurant must be GOOD, EASY, LOCAL, and CHEAP. It is like KFC in America. If you want to find somewhere to have Guilin rice noodles with good standards. Here is the place.


9. Mrs. Xie Beer Fish Restaurant     阳朔西街谢大姐啤酒鱼

Mrs.Xie Beer Fish Restaurant has more than 20-year history with good reputation. You won't miss this restaurant if you love Guilin special – Beer Fish. There are many choices for fish, and grass carp and saber-toothed fish are popular. The fish is tender and the fish soup tastes heavier and the taste is particularly layered. We recommend special dishes: beer fish, snail stuffing, farmer fried meat, bamboo rice, beer duck, fried vegetables, lettuce, shredded cauliflower, fragrant meat, bitter gourd, and so on.

Address: West Gate of Yangshuo West Street, Yangshuo Country, Guilin


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