Top 9 Restaurants in Chengdu


Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province in China, is well-known as the hometown of Giant Panda. With the reputation of "land of abundance" from ancient China, Chengdu attracts amounts of tourists to visit, for both its splendid culture and magnificent sceneries. It's not enough to remember Chengdu without having wonderful dining experience and remarkable food.  Here, we've picked the best 9 restaurants in Chengdu for you.


1. Shu JiuXiang Hotpot Restaurant (Yulin)     蜀久香火锅酒楼(玉林店)

Local cuisine, Hotpot

Hotpot is one of the most famous Chengdu dishes. It is very popular in Chengdu and is known for its spiciness and hot flavor. A big pot filled with hot spicy oil and surrounded by plates of raw meats and vegetables. The pieces of meat and vegetables are sliced very small so they will cook very quickly. Most of the pots used in hotpot are divided into two sections. One half is filled with the spicy oil, and the other is filled with a delicious broth for those who are not a big fan of spicy foods. In Shu JiuXiang Hotpot Restaurant, you will taste one of the best hotpots in Chengdu. You will definitely come here to try it!

Address: 11-2 NiJiaQiao Road, YuLin Community, WuHou District, Chengdu

Tel: +86 28 8557 0362


2. Shu DaXia Hotpot (Xi YuLong)     蜀大侠火锅(西玉龙店)

Local cuisine, Hotpot

The place also offers one of the best authentic hot pot. The spicy broth is really flavorsome. Good selection of meat, veggies and noodles are available in reasonable prices. Everything is awesome, so the place always has a long queue outside and the queue is never affected by the weather. People would line up for the place in the rain. To avoid the queue at night, go there for lunch or make a reservation in advance if you want to have dinner here at night.

Address: No. 207-8 Xiyulong Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu China

Tel: +86 28 8678 5757


3. Qin ShanZhai     钦善斋

Chinese cuisine

The dishes at Qin Shan Zhai are based on ancient Chinese medical principles. Items here are intensely flavorful: be sure to try the seared mountain yam, marbled pork with green beans, and delicate double-boiled soups. Come here for a uniquely local take on "health food", as well as to enjoy the lovely restaurant garden and pond. Every dish is excellent and nutritious. Food and service speak for themselves. Highly recommended!

Address: WuHouCi Main Street 247, Chengdu

Tel: +86 28 8509 8895


4. Ming Ting Restaurant     明婷饭店

Local cuisine

Ming Ting Fan Dian is a typical neighborhood "fly" restaurant that has become one of the most famous places in Chengdu to enjoy a modest but lovingly prepared meal of Sichuan authentic food. The food on offer includes dishes like pork belly steamed in lotus leaves, spicy mapo tofu, and pork ribs served with pickles. The restaurant is family friendly and very relaxed, but can get quite crowded at certain times of the day. However, it's a good way to get close to local people - observe the way they live and even talk to them. The price is extremely reasonable, but the food is really good. You must come here!

Address: WaicaoJia Alley Market, Chengdu

Tel: +86 28 8331 5978


5. Yu ZhiLan     玉芝兰

Local cuisine, Chinese

The tiny Yu Zhi Lan has only 18 seats and offers a luxurious, personalized taste of the finest ingredients and techniques China has to offer. Chef Lan Guijun is known for his minimalist but masterful interpretations of Sichuan food. The 25-course dinners here include the likes of spiced loach served with roast sweet potato, needle-fine duck yolk noodles suspended in delicate Chinese cabbage broth, and sea cucumber in a sour, spicy Sichuan broth. Every dish is beautifully presented in custom-made china, and the sequence of courses is designed to highlight each item's unique flavors.

Address: No.24 Changfa Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu

Tel: +86 28 6249 1966


6. Chen Mapo Toufu     陈麻婆豆腐

Local cuisine, Chinese, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly

Mapo Doufu is a popular Chinese dish from Sichuan province. It consists of tofu set in a spicy sauce, typically a thin, oily, and bright red suspension, based on douban (fermented broadbean and chili paste) and douchi (fermented black beans), along with minced meat, usually pork or beef. Today, Mapo Tofu travels across ocean and win the good reputation in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia and other countries. From the home-cooked dishes, it has become an international dish. Here, in Chen Mapo Toufu, you will have the Best Mapo Toufu in Chengdu. You must come here!

Address: 197 Xi Yu Long St, West Jade Dragon St, Chengdu

Tel: +86 28 8675 4512


7. Chengdu Xiao Jing Private Home Cooking     成都小景私房菜

Chinese, Asian


The thing to know about this type of dining experience is that you are not only going there for the excellent food (set menu), you are also experiencing a very personal experience with 100% authentic home Chengdu cooking. You may not be 'wowed' by the presentation at first glance but there is so much history and patience behind each dish. This is the type of experience where you need to take the time to enjoy the simple qualities of the dishes individually, as well as the dining experience as a whole. It is unique and special experience you should give it a try.

Address: Room 902, Unit 2, Building 11, 2 Qi of Luofu Shijia, Gaoshengqiao Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu

Tel: 86 186 1321 9449


8. Zaozishu Vegetarian Restaurant     枣子树素餐厅

Chinese, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly

It is an absolute gem of a vegetarian restaurant. It is also a refuge from the very spicy food you would probably eat in Chengdu every day. The heat and spice are strong but not overpowering. The food is authentic Sichuan flavor, and the choices are various. All the staffs are brilliant and attentive. The menu has English sub text and with pictures which makes it easy to overcome language barrier and order. Also, the restaurant is decorated brilliantly and very calm and pleasant to casually dine.

Address: 27 Qinglong Street, Qingyang District, 4th floor, Platinum Age City, Chengdu

Tel: +86 28 8628 2848


9. Kathmandu     加德满都餐厅

Italian, Nepalese, Indian, Fusion

Kathmandu is a Himalaya and Italian Fusion restaurant. It seamlessly combines different Italian, Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan cuisines to create some really unique and delicious dishes. Born in Kathmandu and lived in New York for many years have inspired the owner to create Himalayan and Italian fusion. You must give it a try.

Address: No.99 Huanjin Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu, China

Tel: +86 28 6167 1488

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