Best Things to Do at Night in Chengdu


Chengdu attracts amounts of tourists to visit, for both its splendid culture and magnificent sceneries. However, at the end of each day you are going to be tired/in need of a good drink and a place to relax. Here are 8 best bars for you to explore!


1. The Beer Nest

It is ranked No.1 on Tripadvisor in Chengdu Nightlife. They serve the coldest beer in chengdu! There's a lot of choice for beers from all over the world especially European beers and there are a few local brews as well. With reasonable price, excellent service, and a vibrant atmosphere, The Beer Nest is really a great place to enjoy cold beer at night.

Location: 34 Jingxiu Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu


2. Jellyfish Club

Jellyfish Club is an amazing place to dance and have a few drinks, and it is a nice place to continue the night. Jellyfish Club always has thematic parties and decorates the whole place so it looks amazing. Go there for an unforgettable night in Chengdu, especially if you are a party person.

Location: No.201, Building 1, Lan Kwai Fong, Jin Jiang District, Chengdu


3. Revolucion Cocktail Chengdu

You must come and discover this great cocktail bar. It is undoubted that the cocktails are creative and tasty. Revolucion opened in Chengdu in 2016, and has already made a big impression! The cocktails are amazing, they have a huge range of spirits often impossible to find in Chengdu. From the staff, to the music, to the location I can't say anything bad about this place. This bar is definitely worth going.

Location: the first floor, Building 2, 1 Shuijing Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu


4. Underground Bar

Underground Bar is a great place for bar food and a huge range of beers from around the world! It also has a large range of cocktails and spirits but no wine. In 2014, the underground Bar improved, the sound system and seating have all been upgraded. It is ranked No.5 in Tripadvisor. It is really worth a visit.

Location: In the tunnel next to 1855, behind Havana Cigar shop, Chengdu


5. ANZU Whisky & Cocktail

This is a very good and low-key bar with a little European style. There is a small attic in it which is very private. Walking into the bar, you may have the feeling of escaping from concrete jungle and returning to nature. If you like to drink and talk with people quietly, the second floor is a good location. By the way, the waiters here are very kind and warm. Speaking of drink, as long as you can describe the taste in words, the bartender will satisfy you for sure. It is totally worth visiting!

Location: 179 Guanghe Er Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu


6. Westside

Westside is a newly established bar mixed with Chinese culture and American Vibe. You have to check out this bar. It is located across the road from some night clubs, and it's upstairs, so there is a nice balcony view of the night life. The drink is amazing, and the service is good.

Location: 2213 Hao Wangjiao, Jiuyan Bridge, Wuhou District, Chengdu


7. Leg and Whistle

The Leg and Whistle is by far the best bar to watch Premier League Football and Rugby in Chengdu. They will try to show most Premier League Football games on the weekend, sometimes showing three games at the same time. Also, the vibe is good, and service is amazing. If you love watching football game, you must come here. Highly recommended!

Location: the Second floor, Kehua Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu


8. The Little Bar (Fangqin)

If you like your favorite music live and loud, you must come here. The beers are genuine and not overpriced, and there are frequent live music events held here. The atmosphere is super awesome. Drink is good as well. Highly recommended!

Location: the First Floor, Fengshang Yulin Commercial Place, Wuhou District, Chengdu


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