5 Famous Shopping Centers in Phnom Penh


As the capital of Cambodia and the former French colony, Phnom Penh has numerous shopping malls to cater to the diverse shopping needs of tourists. Large shopping malls, supermarkets, bazaars and many souvenir shops can be found in Phnom Penh. Tourists who like to buy in Phnom Penh are basically things about Angkor Wat, imitation sculptures, T-shirts, postcards, maps, books, DVDs, etc., and the price of these things in Phnom Penh is cheaper than that of Siem Reap. Four famous shopping centers in Phnom Penh: Central Market、Russian Market、Night Market、Sorya Shopping Mall,these shopping centers are good place to buy things.


1、Shopping centre in Phnom Penh - Central Market


Location: Btw Street 126 & 136, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

What to buy: clothes, fruits, daily necessities, tourist souvenirs


The Central Market, also known as the Iron Cotton Market, was designed and built by a Frenchman and is a cross-shaped dome that is known as the “landmark of Phnom Penh”. The market is divided into small stalls by region, including clothing, household appliances, daily necessities, fruits, flowers, and vegetables. There are handicrafts, jewelry that tourists like. On the side of the road near the entrance to the market is a stall that sells snacks. When you are tired, you can come and dine there.


2、Shopping centre in Phnom Penh - Russian Market


Location: Corner of Street 163 and Street 444, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

What to buy: tourist souvenirs


Russian Market  is the largest tourist souvenir market in Phnom Penh, most of which sell Cambodian souvenirs, jewelry, antiques and silks, as well as local CDs and introducing Angkor’s DVDs, and many of them are well designed and workmanship. Here you can also buy cheap, high quality fabrics, and let local tailors tailor the clothes for you. In terms of price, in any case, you must try your best to make a counteroffer on the basis of the original price.


3、Shopping centre in Phnom Penh - Night Market


Location: btw Street 108 & 106, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

What to buy: daily necessities, tourist souvenirs


Located on the Tonlé Sap River, at the intersection of 106th Street and 108th Street, Night Market opens from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. The market is mainly engaged in daily necessities and tourist souvenirs. There are many locals and it is a good place to spend time at night.


4、Shopping centre in Phnom Penh - Sorya Shopping Mall


Location: 11-13 Preah Trasak Paem, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

What to buy: clothing, shoes, hats, jewelry, toys, electronic equipment


This 12-storey mall in western style is the first shopping mall in Cambodia. The ground floor is the big supermarket, as well as cosmetics, clothing, pizza and other fast food restaurants, DVD collection. The area is relatively large, and there are many restaurants and shops in it, selling goods including clothing, shoes, hats, jewelry, toys, and electronic equipment.


5、Shopping centre in Phnom Penh - Bayon Market


Location: Jok Dimitrov Boulevard

What to buy: food


According to western media reports, it is the best supermarket in Cambodia. The vegetables are the freshest, and the 200 grams of pepper produced in Cambodia sells about 0.4 dollar, which is good. You can brush VISA and Master card here.


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