Food in Phnom Penh


Phnom Penh is the largest city in Cambodia. It is the political, economic, cultural and religious center of Cambodia. There are many tourists visiting here every year. Of course, it is essential to taste the specialties here. Rice noodle、Amok、Beef Loc Lac、Khmer Curry、Spring Roll、Baguette sandwiches、Tarantula、Fried banana、Angkor Beer、Fruit salad are top 10 cuisines in Phnom Penh that you must try.


1、Traditional Cambodia food in Phnom Penh - Rice noodles

The rice noodles is one of the most popular breakfasts in Cambodia. It is delicious because of the addition of special soy sauce, fish sauce, lemon juice and other ingredients. Sometimes it will be added with chicken or beef. It is very light and refreshing, suitable for diners who not eat very spicy food. In Phnom Penh, you can eat the light and refreshing Cambodian rice noodles in the average restaurant and food stalls. But keep in mind that because rice noodles are generally only served as breakfast, you should be sure to eat rice noodles before 12:00 at noon, otherwise no rice noodles will be sold.


2、Traditional Cambodia food in Phnom Penh – Amok

Amok is a traditional Cambodian cuisine. It is a kind of food steamed on the fire with banana leaves wrapped in fish or chicken or beef, plus coconut milk, curry powder, turmeric powder, lemon and vanilla.


3、Traditional Cambodia food in Phnom Penh – Beef Loc Lac

This is a Cambodian-style fried beef made from oil, soy sauce and beef. It is a delicious food that locals like very much. This is a Cambodian-style fried beef made from oil, soy sauce and beef. It is a delicious food that locals like very much. Fresh beef with sweet palm sugar is more delicious. If it is paired with fresh and green lettuce, the sweet taste is really greasy and rich. The fried beef in sauce is a must-try in Cambodia!


4、Traditional Cambodia food in Phnom Penh – Khmer Curry

If you like spicy dishes, then try the Khmer curry soup in Phnom Penh. You may wish to put a paper towel at hand, because it is likely to sneeze your eyes, but this is an authentic food in Phnom Penh. Khmer curry is usually served with beef, chicken or fish. In Cambodia, almost all soups are served with spicy Khmer curry. Spicy curry soup with white soft rice is classic. This classic Khmer delicious food can be tasted in the restaurant of Phnom Penh.


5、Traditional Cambodia food in Phnom Penh – Spring Roll

The skin of Spring roll is made of glutinous rice and is wrapped in a stuffing made of bean sprouts, vermicelli, squid, shrimp, and onion. The Cambodian Spring Rolls are divided into fresh Spring Rolls and fried Spring Rolls. When they are eaten, they are seasoned with fish sauce, sour vinegar and pepper.


6、Street food in Phnom Penh – Baguette sandwiches

Cambodia used to be a French colony, and of course it was deeply influenced by French culture in its food culture. The Cambodian sandwich is made from French bread, cut from the middle, coated with butter or tomato sauce, and made with meat, pickled cucumber and radish. In the streets of Phnom Penh, sandwich stalls can be seen everywhere. Crispy skin and soft-skinned sandwiches are not only affordable, but also large!


7、Street food in Phnom Penh - Tarantula(Fried poison spider)

Walking through the streets of Phnom Penh in Cambodia, you can see a variety of specialty Cambodian snacks, one of the most amazing and most creepy snacks - fried spiders. This singular snack uses a black long-haired poisonous spider from one region of Cambodia. The palm-sized poisonous spider is served with garlic granules and chili flakes. It is fried in a pan to dark red. Then, the crispy and tender, juicy and delicious fried spider is made. It is said that this scary fried poisonous spider is particularly delicious to eat. The taste is similar to fried chicken and grilled fish fillets. But to eat such a delicious scary hunch takes some courage.


8、Street food in Phnom Penh - Fried banana

Flatten the banana, then immerse it in a sweet batter with black sesame seeds and fry it in a frying pan. Fried bananas can be found throughout the city.


9、Drink in Phnom Penh - Angkor Beer

It is a famous domestic brand in Cambodia, and its output is huge. It is very popular among tourists. It can be bought in most restaurants and bars. The price of a bottle of 660ml is about USD 0.9-1.5 (reference price).


10、Drink in Phnom Penh - Fruit Shake

Fruit Shake is very popular in the area. Cambodia is tropical and rich in fruit. Freshly squeezed fresh fruit, together with ice cubes, is made into a unique Fruit Shake.



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