Top 10 Things to Do in Phnom Penh


Located in the south-central part of Cambodia, adjacent to the Mekong River, Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia and the largest and busiest city of Cambodia. Phnom Penh is like his name. The whole city is wrapped in gold. It is called “Asian Pearl” and “Oriental Little Paris” by Westerners. It is a charming city. There are top 10 things you must try in Phnom Penh.


1、Watch the sunset in the  Royal Palace

It’s a romantic thing to watch the sunset in the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. The religious color of Phnom Penh is rich, and the buildings are mainly gold and white. Whenever the sun sets, the tower temple reflects the golden brilliance, and the whole city is covered with gold, and the scenery is beautiful.

The Royal Palace of Phnom Penh, also known as the Four Arms Grand Palace, is named after the confluence of the Mekong River, Tonlé Sap River, Mekong River and the Basa River. It is the royal palace of the King of Cambodia. The most famous of the attractions of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is the Silver Pagoda.


2、Visit the National Museum of Cambodia to learn about Phnom Penh

If you want to know more about Phnom Penh, you can visit the National Museum of Cambodia. The National Museum was built in 1913. The museum now houses handicrafts and sculptures from the 4th to 10th centuries and the Angkor dynasty. Several photographs of Angkor photographed by French photographers, and many authentic Angkor Wat sculptures.


3、Overlook Phnom Penh at the highest point of Wat Phnom

It is a very interesting thing to overlook the entire Phnom Penh City from the Wat Phnom.

Wat Phnom is a place where Phnom Penh people pray for good luck. Wat Phnom is the birthplace of Phnom Penh. It is about 100 meters high. Wat Phnom is one of the symbols of Phnom Penh. Standing on the mountain tower, you can overlook the entire city of Phnom Penh.


4、Visit the Independence Monument to remember history

The Independence Monument is one of the landmarks in Phnom Penh and records the proud history of Cambodia.

The Independence Monument was built to commemorate the independence of Cambodia from the French colonial rule on November 9, 1953. It is completed in March 1958, 37 meters high, 7 stories in total, with 100 zombies (symbol of Cambodian culture). At the annual Independence Day, the King of Cambodia or the King’s representative holds a grand celebration here. The visiting foreign heads of state also come here to offer wreaths.


5、Pray for family and friends at Wat Ounalom

Pray for family and friends at Wat Ounalom, the ancient Wat Ounalom will always guard your devout heart.

Wat Ounalom is the largest and oldest temple in Phnom Penh, with the largest pagoda in Phnom Penh.


6、Visit the heavy Killing Fields of Cahoeung EK to remember the undead

Visiting the heavy Killing Fields of Cahoeung EK can remind us of history and remind us not to let the tragedy happen again.

Killing Fields of Cahoeung EK is located in the southern suburbs of Phnom Penh, 15 km from the city. It used to be the concentration camp of the Khmer Rouge. Most of the people who died here were prisoners from the S-21 prison, including men, women and children, and babies. So far, there are more than 9,000 bodies excavated in the killings, so it is also called mass graves here. In 1988, the government built a pagoda to house the skulls excavated from the tombs in order to commemorate the innocent souls.


7、Taste Phnom Penh’s cuisines

Phnom Penh is not only the largest city in Cambodia, but also the political, economic, cultural and religious center of Cambodia. In addition to visiting the famous tourist attractions of Phnom Penh, such as the Royal Palace, National Museum of Cambodia, Wat Phnom, Independence Monument, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, etc., you can also taste the local cuisine. Phnom Penh's cuisines include Amok, Beef Loc Lac, Spring Roll, Baguette sandwiches, Angkor Beer and more. These foods are not to be missed.


8、Go shopping in Phnom Penh

Traveling to Phnom Penh, inevitably to help friends and family buy some gifts, souvenirs and so on. As the capital of Cambodia and the former French colony, Phnom Penh has numerous shopping venues, and you can find large shopping malls, supermarkets and many souvenir shops in Phnom Penh. You can buy things and buy gifts at famous shopping venues such as Central Market, Russian Market, Sorya Shopping Mall, Night Market.


9、Experience the nightlife of Phnom Penh


The night of Phnom Penh is like a party city with a variety of entertainment venues, including dance halls, karaoke bars, sports-themed bars, night clubs, casinos, etc.. In Phnom Penh, there are places like bar street in many places. It is also very convenient to travel in various bar streets, just take a tuktuk or a motorcycle. You can go to the Naga World Casino, two famous nightclubs: Mao's Club, and Sharky Bar. It should be noted that some high-end bars are the places of play for the princes of the upper class in Phnom Penh. Don't make evil with them, otherwise their bodyguards will not let you go.


10、Watch the Cambodian traditional dance show and do spa in Phnom Penh

Speaking of Khmer performing arts, perhaps the performance art of Phnom Penh is not as famous as the performing arts of Siem Reap. Among the art performance centers, the Sovanna Phum Art Association is a place you can't miss. In addition, you can go to Bodia Spa and Spa At The Villa Paradiso for a massage experience.


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