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Kingdom of Thailand (Thai: ราชอาณาจักรไทย), or Thailand for short, is a constitutional monarchy country in Southeast Asia. The former name of Thailand was Siam. On May 11, 1949, Thai people changed the name of "Siam" to "Thai" by their own national name, mainly because of the meaning of "freedom."


Where is Thailand on the World Map?

Time zone: Thailand is located in UTC+7 time zone. Thailand is seven hours ahead of GMT/UTC (London). Times are often expressed according to the 24-hour clock.



Thailand is located in the central part of Indo-China Peninsula. Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia on the Gulf of Thailand, an arm of the South China Sea. It borders the west and the north with Myanmar and the Andaman Sea, with Laos in the northeast and Cambodia in the southeast, and the narrow peninsula to the south is connected to Malaysia. 


Thailand Capital

Bangkok (Thai: กรุงเทพมหานคร), is the capital and largest city of Thailand, alias "City of Angels", located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, south to the Gulf of Siam. Bangkok is the largest city in the Indo-China Peninsula, the second largest city in Southeast Asia, Thailand's political, culture, religion centers.

Bangkok's tourism industry is highly developed and has been voted as the world's most popular tourist city in 2013.




The terrain is changeable and can be divided into four parts: west, middle, east and south. Thailand's terrain is high in the north and low in the south, which slopes from the northwest to the southeast. The terrain is dominated by plains and lowlands (more than 50%). The Chao Phraya River is the most important river in Thailand, running through the north and south of Thailand, with a total length of more than 1,200 kilometers.

Thailand is divided into four natural regions: the northern mountain jungle, the vast paddy fields in the central plain, the semi-arid farmland in the northeastern plateau, and the tropical islands and long coastlines of the southern peninsula. Most of the territory are low-lying mountains and plateaus.



Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate that is hot and humid. The whole year can be divided into three seasons: heat, rain and cool. The hot season is from March to May every year, the rainy season is from June to September, and the cool season is from October to February. The annual average temperature is 28 °C, and annual amplitude of temperature change is relatively small. The average temperature in April is 30 °C, and in December it is 25 °C. It rarely rains during the cool and hot seasons, also known as the dry season.


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