Top 8 Things to Do in Bangkok


Located in the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, adjacent to Gulf of Siam, Bangkok, alias as 'City of Angels', known as the 'Buddist Captital', is the capital and largest city in Tailand. With various Buddhist temples, fascinating floating markets, traditional Thai massage, and tasty Thai food, Bangkok's tourist industry has developed dramatically in recent years. These are top 8 things you won't miss in Bangkok.


1. Visit the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace (Thai: พระบรมมหาราชวัง, RTGS: Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang) are a complex of buildings at the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. The Grand Palace is the largest, the most ethnic, and the most perfectly well-preserved palace in Thailand. The Grand Palace remained the Royal Family's official residence from 1782 to 1946. Rama I to Rama VIII all lived in the Grand Palace. After Rama VIII was stabbed in the palace in 1946, the king, the Royal Family and the government were no longer permanently settled at the palace, and had moved to other residences. The Grand Palace was open to the public and has become a famous tourist destination in Thailand ever since. Today the Grand Palace is still a centre of ceremony and of the monarchy, and serves as a museum and tourist attraction as well. Even though only certain areas of the main palace are fully open to tourists, tons of tourists come here to appreciate its considerable historical significance and witness the magnificent royalty and beauty.


2. Make wishes in the Erawan Shrine

The Erawan Shrine, known as the Erawan 4-Face Buddha, located in the very centre of Bangkok, is one of the most popular worship attractions in the world. The Buddha has four faces which represent different type of good fortunes - relationship, career, heath, and wealth. Every day, local people and tourists flock to the shrine to pray and return with gifts when they believe their wishes have been granted. Also, lots of celebrities have been here.


3. Watch Bangkok Ladyboy Show

Thailand's ladyboys are transgender men. They possess unique beauty and they are highly accepted and tolerant by Thai society. In the past, they did it because they were poor. However, nowadays, there are lots of ladyboys do it for the love. Some of the ladyboy shows may be sexual – they are naked or half naked. Make sure you could accept it before you go. At the nightclub in Bangkok, you can see Ladyboy Show and ping pong shows (read more at: There are also many performances in other tourist cities such as Pattaya and Phuket, the best ones are in Pattaya.


4. Visit Maeklong Railway Market

Like any other market in Thailand, Maeklong Railway Market is a traditional Thai market selling fresh vegetables, food, and fruit. What makes it special is that the market is set up on both sides of a 100-meter stretch of railway track where the train actually runs through it many times a day. When the loud horn of a train give the warning call, the magic is about to happen. All the vendors will quickly but coolly lower their umbrellas and move their belongings from the tracks, everyone step back a little from the track as the train slides through. Once the train has safely passed, everything is back to normal. This is why the market is also known as the 'umbrella pull down market'. Even the train drives slowly, please aware of the danger.


5. Shop in a Floating Market

Have you ever imagined shopping on the water? The typical Thai-style floating markets where goods are sold on boats will make it happen. It is not just a place to do some shopping and eating, also, it is a place to experience the authentic lifestyle of locals. You may get overwhelmed by various colorful handicrafts and fresh produce at first, but you will definitely enjoy the experience overall. It is really a visual feast I have to say. What's more? Language barriers are cute when you try to bargain with local vendors.


6. Eat Bangkok Street Food

The best way to get in touch with the local culture is to live as a local person. When the sky gets dark at night, it is easy to spot a street food with a row of carts full of food. BBQ, Thai noodles with gravy, delicious curries, dumplings, and so on and so forth. Name it, you may find it! What impress you the most may not be the food or their ridiculously cheap price, but the whole atmosphere. People nicely share about their work, study, and life after a long hard day. You may wonder what happiness is. Surely, you will find the answer here.  


7. Enjoy Thai Massage

Ready to let your body unwind after a long tired flight? Thai massage welcomes you! The price varies, but the qualities are near. The only difference is the environment. It will suit you no matter you are in a tight budget or not. I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience.


8. Go Shopping

And now, after all the physical and visual enjoyment, it is time for you to shop! Bangkok is one of the popular shopping cities in the world! It has various international and Asian cosmetic products, fashionable clothes in shopping malls. Also, there are all kinds of cool and cheap stuffs in flee markets. It is hard to stay rational when they are all super tempting.


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