What to Pack to Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations. It is best to do some preparations before you travel, so that you will not panic when you encounter something, and the journey will be more enjoyable and easier! Don’t carry too many things with you when you go traveling. Just take such things as you need.


What to Wear in Thailand?

Thailand has a hot and humid climate, with the average minimum temperature in Bangkok is 20 °C. When traveling to Thailand, you don't have to wear heavy clothing. In general, it’s enough to prepare some summer clothes like short-sleeved shirts, skirt, pants, lightweight trousers. Packing clothes made of breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, and quick-dry material are good choice.

Except for formal occasions, men generally don't wear suits, and they can wear skirts or pants. And if you plan to take a trip into the mountains, make sure to bring a sweater, warm jacket and climbing shoes. And please dress politely when visiting temples. Your list should include:

1. loose-fitting cotton clothes: t-shirt, short sleeves, shorts, pants, a thin coat etc.

2. A pair of long-sleeved clothes and trousers (wear when visiting temples)

3. swimming suit or swimming trunks

4. sandals or slippers

5. Sun glass

6. Foldable umbrella or hat

7. Sunscreen


What to Bring to Thailand?

In addition to the clothes items make sure to also bring some other necessary things. Here we round up some of most useful essential items for a holiday in Thailand.

Travel Documents

You'd better prepare the following documents in case of need.

1. Airplane ticket

2. Driving license and international driving permit (IDP)

3. Passport and 2 copies of your passport

4. Travel insurance documents

5. Receipt/serial numbers for any traveler's checks

6. Official-sized passport photos


Medical Items

Health care in Thai Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and other places are good, and hospitals both large and small are throughout the city. However, it is recommended to prepare some commonly used medical items in your country before going abroad for travel, such as cold medicine, motion sickness medicine, wound sticks, pain killers, mosquito repellent etc., just in case.



Travelers are advised to carry cash everywhere, both in smaller and larger denominations for quick transaction. The official Currency of Thailand is Thai Baht. It is highly recommended to exchange cash on arrival instead of beforehand as the rate is more advantageous. Credit cards are generally accepted in high-end hotels, restaurants and other commercial establishments in Thailand, but cash is more convenient.


Power Adapter

The standard voltage is 220 Volts and the standard frequency is 50 Hz in Thailand, with either two flat prong or two round prong plugs. You’d better buy an adapter plugs in advance for notebook computer, phone chargers, razors, etc. Or you can buy it in any 7-11 convenience stores in Thailand if you forget to take.



Many hotels do not have toothbrush and toothpaste, you can choose to prepare basic toiletries, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, etc. Don’t bring the shampoo and shower gel as it a little heavy. It can be purchased at any 7-11 convenience stores with a cheap price. 


Water Bottle

Tap water in Thailand is not drinkable. You are advised to carry your own water bottle as you will drink lot of water in the heat


Digital Products

iPad or Kindle – help you spend boring traffic time

Camera - the beautiful island and starry sky is worth to take shots


Apps for Traveling in Thailand

Google Maps – guide you find the right destination

Google translate or itranslate – help you translate the dishes or communicate with locals

Uber or GrabTaxi – a taxi hailing APP for taxis in Bangkok.

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