Best Things to Do at Night in Phuket


Do you feel stressed out all the time and wait for a chance to relieve stress and anxiety? Do you feel a little tired of your life and want to spice up a little bit? The nightlife in Phuket will satisfy all your imagination. In case you get confused in choosing, I have listed the 11 best things to do at night in Phuket you would love to try.


1. Bangla Road Nightlife

Bangla Road is the center of Phuket's nightlife. When the sun goes down, Bangla Road really begins to wake up. With neon lights, loud music, cheap beer, and sexy beauty, the 400-meter-long street is no longer open to cars after the sun sets. It is a bit crowed most nights of the year, and you will be ecstatic when bars and clubs compete with each other for customers. If you are looking for a fun night out in Phuket, Bangla Road should be your stop. Almost all the bars are outdoors, so the music is deafening! A wide variety of beer bars occupy most of the street, and street performances are everywhere on most nights. A vibrant celebration awaits you to come!

Opening Hours: Different stores vary

Location: Bangla Road, Phuket


2. Seduction Nightclub 

Seduction, the name is enough. If you want to spice up a little with the one you love, don't hesitate to come here. People party late here – the disco's doors don't open until 22:00, so don’t expect a red-hot scene until past midnight, but do expect a mixed crowd of young, energetic, international partygoers, spacious dance floors, top-of-the-line equipment and speakers, booming music, clean toilets and even chill-out areas where you can take a breather.

Opening Hours: 22:00 – 04:00 daily

Location: Toward the eastern end of Bangla Road, opposite Moulin Rouge

Tel: +66 (0)7 634 3173


3. Illuzion Club

The place is on fire. You will be impressed by the big screens, good dance floor, nice lighting, sound system, and special effects. From standard dance club rocked by house music and special guest DJ live performances to Las Vegas-style shows performed by local and international professional dancers, Illuzion can suit a wide range of partygoers' tastes. Superb place to go!

Opening Hours: 22:00 – late

Location: 31 Bangla Road, Patong Beach

Remarks: Children are allowed in the venue until the end of the show

Tel: +66 (0)98 024 6369, +66 (0)7 668 3030


4. White Room Nightclub 

White Room Nightclub is an old and well-known name on Patong Beach's famous Bangla Road, but one which has undergone a major reboot, providing a large, chic and modern party space. The first-class lighting rigs and sound systems – along with top talents on the decks – make it a fantastic place to party while the décor and design give it a degree of sophistication

Opening Hours: 22:00 – late

Location: Soi Gonzo, off Bangla Road

Tel: +66 (0)81 582 1756


5. Hollywood Phuket

Hollywood Phuket has a range of events, such as free drinks for ladies, special parties and giveaway evenings. There are parties for special holidays such as Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July and New Year's Eve, as well as themed nights such as Moulin Rouge night or an Austin Powers evening. The ambiance of this place is awesome, and music is mind-blowing. Perfect interior and dazzling crowd makes it must visit place in Phuket.

Opening Hours: 21:00 – late

Location: Soi Hollywood, 7 Bangla Road, Patong

Tel: +66 (0)7 629 4216


6. New Tiger Disco 

Tiger Disco is a huge entertainment complex located on Patong Beach's infamous Bangla Road. Opened in 2013, after the previous Tiger Disco situated on the other side of the road burned at the end of 2012, this venue has learned from its mistakes and nowadays offers a perfectly safe environment for partygoers. Great music, atmosphere, drinks, and surrounding make it a wonderful place. You can spend an entire evening there: dinner and pool game at Tiger Pool Club, a few drinks at one of the first floor’s bars, then dancing the night away at the second floor.

Opening Hours: 18:00 – 03:00

Location: Next to Seduction Complex, Bangla Road, Patong

Tel: +66 (0)94 845 6241


7. Red Hot Club 

Red Hot Club Patong is one of the best live music bars on Patong's Bangla Road. It is a great place to go for a good selection of drinks with great service!  The bands play a wide variety of popular songs from different cultures and countries. You can expect a range of western songs in the pop and rock genres. It is a great atmosphere to listen to live music, dance, and sing along. 

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 04:00

Location: Jungceylon end of Bangla Road, Patong

Tel: +66 (0)7 625 4142, +66 (0)89 952 0316


8. Hard Rock Café  

Hard Rock Café Phuket is a home from home for all those who love rock music and western food in a classy environment. On the street, you can be attracted to its oversized guitar neon light sign. Great live music and atmosphere awaits you to enjoy. It will be one of the places impress you the most.

Opening Hours: 11:00 - 02:00, live band starts at 20:00

Location: On Rat-U-Thit Rd, Patong

Tel: +66 (0)76 366 381


9. Heaven Restaurant & Bar  

Heaven Restaurant & Bar Phuket is a delightful bar and restaurant with views of the breathtaking Andaman Sea from the rooftop deck and main dining area. This is also really a hidden place with a magnificent view of Kata and Karon Beaches - the perfect place to view the sunset in the distance. It is a perfect place for a romantic date or just come here to unwind. If you are looking for a place to confess your feelings to someone you love, it is a good place.

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 04:00

Location: Near Karon Viewpoint, Kata

Tel: +66 (0)93 140 0113


10. Phuket Simon Cabaret show 

It is the biggest ladyboy show in Phuket, and the whole stage performance, lighting, sound system, costumes, choreography are gorgeous. The show will perform the songs and dances according to the nationality of the tourists, so the tourists can sing along with them. There are songs in Thai, English, Japanese and Korean but those expecting a German beer song or a Swedish number will be mildly disappointed. There will also have interactions during the performance, and visitors sitting in the front row are easily brought to the stage. Any photography or video recordings are prohibited during the performance and will be warned and fined by the staff. Just enjoy an exceptional 75-minute showcase of Thai culture and creativity with eyes and heart. After performance, you can take pictures with performers at the door, you must pay of course.

Opening Hours: Shows start at 18:00, 19:45 and 21:30

Location: 8 Sirirach Road, Patong Beach


11. Patong Boxing Stadium

If you are tired of singing and dancing, you can't miss Thai boxing. Muay Thai or literally Thai boxing is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This discipline is known as the "art of eight limbs" as it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Thai boxing is usually fierce, and the best boxers will show exquisite skills and first-class physique. The reaction of the audience is as interesting as the boxing. You can't miss it!

Opening Hours: Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, start from 9 pm to 11:55 pm

Location: 59 Sai Nam Yen Road, Patong Beach, Patong, Kathu, Phuket


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