Internet and Telephone in Thailand


Internet in Thailand

Free WIFI is available in most places like airports, cafes, hotels, inns, restaurants, etc. in Thailand. It is very convenient for tourists to go online. We suggest you install Skype software to call cheap or free overseas calls. But some hotels charge additional internet fee, so check first.


Telephone in Thailand

The telephone country code for Thailand is 66 and is used when calling the country from abroad. Thailand is on the GSM network. There are three major mobile operators in Thailand: AIS (1-2 call card), TRUEMOVE (truemove card) and DTAC (happy card). All three are prepaid cards with a spending period, which marked expiration dates on the recharge card. In terms of signals, AIS is generally better, which can access to internet in remote places. But happy card is relatively cheap.

Telephone cards and prepaid cards can be purchased at the airport or at the 7-11 convenience store on the street. Some operators of 3G services are charged by time, and it is generally recommended to select a card that charged by traffic. It is highly recommended to buy a local phone card and recharge in any 7-11 convenience stores, which will be more convenient for you to call or use the Internet in emergencies.


Emergency Number in Thailand

Police: 911

Thai Country Code: 66

First Aid Center: 1691

Medical Assistance: 1669

Fire Emergency: 199

Tourism Authority of Thailand: 1672 (Working Hour: 08:00-20:00)

Tourism Police: 1155 (English, French and German spoken, working for 24 hours)

Bangkok Tourist Assistance Center: 02-2281-5051; 02-282-8129

Telephone Directory Assistance: 1133

Bangkok Taxi Call Center 1681, 1661, +66 (0)2 424 2222


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