Best Things to Buy in Thailand


Thailand is one of the world's most famous tourist destinations and a popular area for shopping. The unique style, splendid culture and low consumption are the first choice for many tourists who want to travel abroad. Thailand is a prestigious Southeast Asian shopping paradise with a high degree of commercial development. Here we will introduce the best things to buy in Thailand.


What to Buy in Thailand?

1. Thai Silk Products

Thai silk is renowned for its unique structure and natural color. Silk products are a must buy on a trip to Thailand and perfect souvenirs for family and friends. Thai Silk has superior quality, soft and colorful texture, special luster, unique design, it can be said to be a fabric with oriental characteristics, which is one of the handicrafts popular among locals and tourists. You can buy a variety of silk products, such as silk scarves, silk shawls, silk purses, silk wallets, silk bags, etc. The most famous Thai silk brand is Jim Thompson, with chain stores throughout Thailand


2.  Thai Handicrafts

There are many handicrafts and workshops in Thailand, which inherit the traditional craftsmanship. Chiang Mai is the world's largest handicraft manufacturing center, where cotton fabrics, oil paper umbrellas, wood carvings, lacquerware, silverware, rattan products, etc. are representative souvenirs. Traveling to Chiang Mai, it is essential to bring back the treasures that are personally preferred.


3.  Gold, Jewelry and Gems

Thailand has become one of the world hubs for gold, jewelry and gem stones. Thais like to buy gold as a decoration, and gold can also be used for collection. There are hundreds of gold shops in Bangkok’s Chinatown. Unlike the 99.9% of the thousands of gold in foreign country, Thailand's gold purity is 96.5%, gold color and hardness are just right, can produce a lot of styles, and the price is much lower than other countries. Thailand has been mining gems for centuries and has become the number one country in the world for the processing of jewelry and its accessories. Excellent raw materials, exquisite craftsmanship and superior design create the finest jewelry, attracting discerning buyers from all over the world.


4.  Leatherware

Thai leather goods are durable and stylish, including shoes, belts, purses, briefcases, suitcases, wallets, and other accessories. In addition, there are some rare leather types, such as crocodile skin, genuine stingray skin, snake skin, lizard skin, raccoon skin and so on. Specialized shops selling leather goods are everywhere, the price is cheap. Visitors can choose a variety of different styles of leather goods.


5.  Thai Food, Snacks and Sweets

Eating is also an important part of tourism. Thailand not only has special seafood, very fresh fruits, local specialties, but also some small snacks that are cheap but really delicious. You can bring it back to eat yourself, so that you can continue to relish Thailand at home, and you can give it to your good friend as a gift, and it is affordable and very lovable! Crispy and delicious Tao Kae Noi Nori, Koh-Kae Peanut, Glico Pocky biscuits, dried fruit, etc. are must-buy snacks. In addition, if you are interested, you can also choose to bring back specialties such as curry powder, Tom Yum soup, fish sauce and other special spices in the supermarket. Thai bird's nest is also famous.


Where to Buy in Thailand?

In terms of shopping, every city in Thailand has its own shopping advantages, Bangkok is a collection of goods, good quality and cheap; Chiang Mai is the center of Thai handicrafts, Pattaya's various goods are much cheaper than other areas. People can go to large shopping malls to buy goods, or go to the traditional market in Thailand to see the lively scene of water trading.


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