What to Pack for South Korea

South Korea is located in the southern section of the Korean Peninsula in the northeastern part of Asia, surrounded by the sea on three sides, bordering North Korea in the north, facing China in the west and Japan in the southeast. It is a typical peninsula country. In recent years, more and more tourists travel to South Korea for its cosmetology, delicious food, shopping centers or famous stars, etc.. Before traveling to South Korea, you must concern about what to pack in a suitcase for a trip to South Korea. Many people may not like to pack this task. If you pack too many things, these things may not be used and will make the whole trip cumbersome. If you don't bring enough things to South Korea, because of language barriers, it may affect the mood of travel. What brings to South Korea? There are some tips for your reference.


Essential things for a packing list for South Korea

1. Tickets of airplane, passport, visa, ID card and document photos

Tickets of airplanes, passport and visas are necessary for a trip to South Korea. Prepare a few document photos and your ID card for use when your passport is lost.

What to Pack for South Korea

2. Cash and bank card

Since in most places of Seoul can use Union Pay cards. Many banks also have Union Pay card cash withdrawal services, there is no need to bring too much cash to South Korea. In addition, there are many private money exchanges in tourist hotspots such as Myeongdong, and the exchange rate is better than that of banks. Therefore, it is recommended to change a spare Korean currency in your country first, and then exchange money in South Korea. In many places in South Korea, you can use Union Pay cards or VISA cards. It is most convenient to use bank cards when you consume them.

What to Pack for South Korea

3. Shoes and clothes

It is best to investigate the local climate before the trip and prepare the appropriate clothing. If you want to come to South Korea to shop, you can just wear a set of clothes on your body and then take the washed underwear, and bring the big empty box to South Korea, because you will definitely complain about the lack of space when you leave South Korea. It is best to prepare a pair of comfortable shoes because many roads in South Korea that have slopes.

What to Pack for South Korea

4. Battery and voltage converter

The voltage in South Korea is generally 220V. Voltage in most hotels is 110V or 220V. When booking a hotel, you can check the relevant information in advance and do some corresponding preparation for it. The power plug is a two-hole round plug, which is the same as the power plug in France, Germany, Australia, Greece and Turkey. In some hotels in South Korea, you can borrow a conversion plug or have a conversion socket in your room. This needs to be confirmed before booking the hotel. Charging power supplies such as cameras and mobile phones must also be taken.

What to Pack for South Korea


Recommended things for a packing list for South Korea

1. Toiletries

Many hotels in South Korea do not offer disposable toiletries, so if you don't want to buy them in Korea, please bring toothpaste, shampoo and small towels in your suitcase. Slippers are generally available in the hotel, so if you don't mind these slippers, you don't have to carry them.

What to Pack for South Korea

2. Medicines

Korean pharmacies and hospitals are separate. You can buy prescription drugs in case of the order of a doctor, so if you have such requirements, you should have your medicines at home. You can pack some commonly used drugs, such as cold medicine, motion sickness medicine, summer heat medicine, wound stick, etc. If you have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc., be sure to bring your own medicine. The amount you carry should be adjusted according to your travel schedule to avoid excessive baggage.

What to Pack for South Korea

3. Daily necessities

Sunscreen and sunglasses are necessary for summer. Hats, gloves and other cold supplies are necessary for winter. South Korea is in the rainy season from late June to late July, so an umbrella is required.

What to Pack for South Korea


What else to pack to South Korea

1. Wi-Fi(EGG)

It is very convenient to rent a mobile Wi-Fi to connect with friends and family or share travel stories anytime, anywhere.

What to Pack for South Korea

2. Thermos cup

In South Korea, people love to drink ice water. Most Korean food and beverage outlets are used to only provide ice water. It is used to only provide ice water in restaurants in South Korea. If you want to drink hot water, there are electric kettles in hotels of South Korea, you can prepare it yourself on a thermos cup.

What to Pack for South Korea


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