Tourist Visa and Passport in South Korea

What's the keyword about South Korea? It may be fried chicken, beer, kimchi cake, or Ouba and Korean drama. The Korean drama is so popular that people are curious about the country of South Korea. What documents do I need to travel to South Korea? What are the requirements for these documents? Generally speaking, like traveling to other countries, traveling to South Korea requires a valid passport and a valid Korean visa. Read on Tourist Visa and Passport in South Korea for more information.


Tourist Visa and Passport in South Korea


Visa in South Korea

Visa-free countries for South Korea:

Asian countries:

90-day visa-free country: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Macao, Japan

Other visa free countries: Taiwan, China (30 days), Brunei (30 days), Vietnam (15 days), Philippines (21 days)

European countries:

90-day visa-free agreement countries: Greece, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg (Luxembourg) ), Germany, Spain, Malta, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Slovak, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Portugal (60 days)

Other countries:

United States, Honduras, Ecuador, Argentina, Guyana, Canada, Uruguay, Paraguay, Northern Mariana


Tourist visa for South Korea

There are 3 tourist visas for Japan: single entry visa, double-entry visa and multiple entry visas.

Tourist Visa and Passport in South Korea

Single entry visa for South Korea(General sightseeing C-3-9):

This kind of visa is valid for 3 months and the maximum stay is 90 days.

Double-entry visa for South Korea:

This kind of visa is valid for 6 months and the maximum stay is 30 days.

Multiple entry visa for South Korea(Short-term general C-3-1, general sightseeing C-3-9, short-term business C-3-4):

1. Travel to a third country or Jeju Island, you can stay in the Korean Capital Circle for 24-72 hours.


2. When applying for the Korean tourist visa for the first time, you will get a tourist visa valid for 3 years and stay for up to 30 days at a time. When applying again, a tourist visa with a validity period of 5 years and a stay of no more than 30 days will be issued, which is valid for a long period of time and is not limited to the number of round trips.


How to get a visa for South Korea?

There are two kinds of tourist visa for travel to South Korea: travel with group and travel freely. If you travel to South Korea with group, the travel agency will usually handle it instead. If you travel freely to South Korea, you can pay a certain fee, apply for a visa through the travel agency, or prepare your own materials and apply for a visa to the Korean consulate in your place of residence.

Tourist Visa and Passport in South Korea

Process of tourist visa:

  1. Determine the consulate in your area
  2. Submit information indirectly to the consulate directly or on behalf of the agency (travel agency).
  3. Check the visa results on the consulate website.
  4. Receive passport and related materials


Tourist visa requirements in South Korea(for reference):

  1. Visa application
  2. Photo: a recent photo of 35 × 45mm white background in the past half year.
  3. Passport: Private passport valid for more than 6 months
  4. ID card: original ID card and copy of the front and back
  5. If the household registration is not in the applicant's territory, the original and photocopy of the residence permit will be provided.
  6. Original economic capability certificate
  7. Working staff provides a copy of the business license and affix a copy of the official seal or organization code certificate with the official seal and the certificate of employment.


Visa fee for South Korea(only for reference, the price of different places is different)

  1. It is free for visa-free entry countries.
  2. Short-term visa (within a stay of 90 days) fee: $42 for handling fee and $63 for expedited fee.
  3. Long-term visa (over 90 days) fee: $63 for handling fee and $84 for expedited fee.
  4. Double entry visa fee: $73 for handling fee and $94 for expedited fee.
  5. Multiple entry visa fee: $94 for handling fee and $136 for expedited fee.
  6. Extension of visa fee: handling fee of $21.


What to do if the passport or visa is lost?

If you have lost your passport and visa in South Korea or are stolen, you should contact your country's consulate in Seoul at the first time and report the loss to the local police station to issue a certificate of loss. Then you go to the consular department of your country's embassy in South Korea to apply for a "travel certificate" (requires five working days after application, can be expedited). After returning to your country with a travel certificate, you can re-apply the passport at the place where the account is located.


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