Best Time to Visit South Korea

When is the best time to visit South Korea? What's the weather like in South Korea? These may be concerns for many foreign tourists when traveling to South Korea. In fact, South Korea is suitable for tourism all year round. In spring, you can see cherry blossoms and rape blossoms. In the summer, you must talk about Korean drinks and water parks. Of course, you must go to South Korea to see maple leaves in autumn. In winter, you must go skiing and snowmaking in South Korea. However, the best time to travel to South Korea is Spring and Autumn.


When is the best time to visit South Korea?

South Korea is in a temperate climate, and the view of the changing seasons is one of the greatest pleasures of tourism. Spring and Autumn are generally considered to be the best time to visit and play in South Korea, especially when the autumn in September and October. The weather is good at that time.

Visit South Korea in Spring (March to May)

Spring continues from March to May, with a warm climate and flowers everywhere. At the end of March, the cherry blossoms on Jeju Island are first opened, indicating that Spring has already visited the Korean peninsula. In mid-April, Seoul is already colorful with various flowers blossoms. At this time, South Korea can be described as the recovery of all things.

Where to visit in South Korea?

• Yeouido Park

The most representative cherry blossom road in Seoul is located in Yeouido Park, which is convenient to view cherry blossoms.

Best Time to Visit South Korea

• Kyunghee University Seoul Campus

Every April, more than 200 cherry tree flowers bloom. You can enjoy the springtime at the lake in front of the university. The surrounding woods and meadows filled with flowers are the places that lovers love to go.

Best Time to Visit South Korea

• Changgyeonggung Palace

Among the main palaces in Seoul, Changgyeonggung Palace has the most beautiful spring flowers. There are various trees such as cherry trees, plum trees, hawthorns and almond trees. In April, flowers compete to bloom and form beautiful scenery.

Best Time to Visit South Korea

• Jeju Island

Among the cherry blossom species, "Big cherry blossoms" in Jeju Island are graceful, bright and beautiful with the largest petals and the longest flower path. This flower is only available in Jeju Island, and the flowering period is only 2-3 days. Generally, from the end of March to the beginning of April, when the flowers bloom, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the "Big cherry blossoms".

Best Time to Visit South Korea


Visit South Korea in Summer (June to August)

Summer continues from June to August. It is hot and humid. The rainy season is from June to August, with rainfall accounting for one-half of the annual rainfall. In July and August, most Koreans choose to go to the mountains or coastal areas at this time.

Where to visit in South Korea?

• Caribbean Bay

The Caribbean Bay is the first water-themed water park in South Korea. Its exotic mood makes it seem that the Caribbean coast has been completely copied to South Korea. Spanish-style stone buildings, subtropical plants, ships and other exhibits in harmony with the sea are very romantic.

Best Time to Visit South Korea

• Icheon Termeden

Icheon is said to be a place frequented by the kings of Korea in history. It is famous for its good water quality. The Termeden in Icheon is a German-style spa resort with a comprehensive spa. It is known as the largest indoor circular bath. There are a variety of water slides and a variety of themed hot springs. You can swim and do hot springs together.

Best Time to Visit South Korea

• Haeundae Beach

If you didn't go to Haeundae, you can't say that you have been to Busan.

Best Time to Visit South Korea

• Boryeong Mud Festival

Enjoy a variety of play and games while celebrating the beauty of the skin in the Boryeong mud with outstanding quality. Various experience activities such as mud massage mask, color mud body graffiti, and mud soap making are favored by tourists.

Best Time to Visit South Korea


Visit South Korea in Autumn (September to November)

Autumn continues from September to November. It is a good season for the tourism of red maple leaves. At the beginning of October, the maple leaves in Seoraksan National Park turn red. In early November, the ancient palace in Seoul is full of red leaves.

Where to visit in South Korea?

• Seoraksan National Park

In South Korea, when speaking of maple, the first thing people think of is   Seoraksan. The mountain has different seasons, each season has its own unique scenery, and the autumn is famous for maple. There are many hiking routes in Seoraksan.

Best Time to Visit South Korea

• Naejangsan National Park

At the end of October, it is the most popular time for red maple leaves in Naejangsan. Red maple leaves in the Naejangsan National Park is a place that is popular among tourists after the Seoraksan National Park.

Best Time to Visit South Korea


Visit South Korea in Winter (December to March)

Winter continues from December to March. Affected by the cold air of Siberia, it is very cold in winter of South Korea. The blizzards in northeastern Korea provide the best conditions for skiing. Although the winter in South Korea is cold, it can still be tolerated. Skiing is undoubtedly the hottest sport in winter of South Korea.

The ski resorts in South Korea offer a variety of ski trails and modern conveniences. From beginners to high-level skiers, no matter who they can use these ski trails and conveniences. There are also hot springs and walks in the ski resorts. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities in addition to skiing. Not only Koreans, but also a lot of family-based tourists from countries without winter come here to enjoy skiing.

Where to visit in South Korea?

• Bears Town - Ski/Sled

The ski resort is not far from Seoul. It can come and back in a day. It is very convenient. Although the ski resort is small, it is fully equipped and there are ski trails specially designed for sledding, which is ideal for family skiing.

Best Time to Visit South Korea

• Yangji Pine Resort

Since 2007, Yangji Pine Resort has begun to renovate the slope of the snowy road and actively carry out various preferential activities, gradually gaining the favor of skiers. In addition, the ski resort is located in the suburbs of Seoul and has free shuttle bus service, which is very convenient.

Best Time to Visit South Korea

• Konjiam Resort

Konjiam Resort is the largest ski resort in the suburbs with a total of 11 ski trails in South Korea. The biggest advantage here is that all the ski trails are wide, and the staff restriction system (7,000 people per day) is available, so you can enjoy skiing freely. More than 70% of the ski trails are built for junior skiers and mid-level skiers. It is very popular among family members. In the resort, forests, ecological rivers, spas and other recreational facilities can be experienced during the skiing break.

Best Time to Visit South Korea

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