Health and Insurance in Myanmar

In recent years, Myanmar has attracted more and more tourists from all over the world with its unique natural and human resources. Before traveling to Myanmar, most tourist will have a doubt that is it safe to travel to Myanmar? Where is the hospital and embassy in Myanmar? What should I pay attention to when traveling in Myanmar? Pay attention to health and insurance in Myanmar and learn some tips about travel insurance are useful for trip to Myanmar.


Healthcare in Myanmar

In general, the economic level is relatively low and its health is not very good in Myanmar. In particular, there are more vegetables and fruits in the daily diet. It is recommended to bring some commonly used drugs with you. In dry season, the weather is hot and there are more mosquitoes. If you go to Inle Lake, you need to bring some anti-mosquito medicine to avoid disease. If possible, it is recommended to choose to drink bottled water.


Emergency call in Myanmar

Police call: 199

Medical help call: 192

Fire call: 191

Myanmar International SOS Clinic: 01-667871, 01-667879, 01-667877

National Blood Bank: 01-379871

Fire center call: 01-252011, 01-252022

Traffic Accident call: 01-640668

24-hour consular protection hotline in the Embassy of Myanmar: 0095-94320965

24-hour Consular Protection Hotline in Mandalay Consulate General: 0095-9259172726


Emergency medical help call in Yangon:

Yangon General Hospital: 01-256112 (transfer 846)

 Royal Hospital of Asia: 01-538055

 Red Cross: 01-392028, 01-392030, 01-383684


What to do if the passport is lost?

If the passport is lost, you should immediately report it to the police department. You can go to the embassy to apply for a passport replacement. Please note that it is illegal to buy, sell, transfer, or falsify a passport, and the offender may be liable.


Tips for travel insurance in Myanmar

1、80% of the residents of Myanmar believe in Buddha. There is a rare phenomenon of theft. A phenomenon that often occurs in Myanmar where someone sends back your lost money. However, do not sway the valuable items, keep them with you and avoid unnecessary troubles.

2、Do not take the initiative to talk about politics with the locals. Myanmar is a military government and some political speech may endanger their security. Don't enter the Myanmar-Thailand border area, where there are often drug deals that are dangerous.

3、Myanmar is still a semi-open country. Except for the central Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake and TAUNGGYI areas, foreign tourists who do not travel with other groups must apply for a travel permit first. Otherwise, it is considered illegal to travel to other areas.

4、Generally speaking, the law and order situation in Myanmar is good, the people are simple, and there are fewer serious criminal cases. The situation in the armed control areas of ethnic minorities in northern Myanmar is relatively chaotic and there are sometimes problems with security. Once security cases arise, it is difficult to get a proper solution. Traveling to Myanmar and doing business should avoid going to such areas.

5、The Bagan, which produces jade in Myanmar, and the Mogok, which produces gems, are the “forbidden zones” designated by the Burmese government. Foreigners are restricted to entry these 2 areas. Please do not go to these 2 areas, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to yourself.

6、When you encounter danger or personal injury in Myanmar, you should promptly report to the local authorities and protect yourself with legal weapons.

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