Shopping in Yangon

As the original capital of Myanmar, Yangon is also the largest city in Myanmar. Yangon has always been known as the “Peace City”, and as a seaside city with a tropical scenery, it has always attracted the attention of tourists from all over the world. In addition to its attractions, you may shop in Yangon. Where to shop and what to buy in Yangon? These all become questions for shopping in Yangon.


1、Where to shop in Yangon - Bogyoke Aung San Market

  • Location: Bokyoke Aung San Road, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar
  • What to buy: Tourist souvenirs, antique, Burmese handicraft, jewellery, art galleries and clothing
  • How to get there: Take rickshaw or taxi to get there

Bogyoke Aung San Market

Located in the center of Yangon, Bogyoke Market is the largest tourist craft market in Yangon. It is a must-see for Yangon travelers with a variety of natural gemstones, gold and silver ornaments and traditional handicrafts. There are nearly 2,000 booths in this market. Ten thousands of tourists and locals come here to shop in Yangon, and even in Myanmar. It is a shopping paradise especially for foreign tourists.

The Bokyoke Aung San Market is named after General Aung San, the father of independence in Myanmar, and has a history of more than 70 years. The market is divided into 8 major regions including clothing, handicrafts, gemstones, seafood, fruits and vegetables, and home appliances. If you want to shop in Yangon, you can’t miss this shopping center.


2、Where to shop in Yangon - Theingyi Zei

  • Location: 26th St, Mahabandoola Rd, Yangon
  • What to buy: household goods, traditional textiles of Myanmar and traditional Burmese botanical herbs
  • How to get there: Take the bus and get off at the Maung Khaing Lan Station or Thein Gyee Zay Station and walk about 10 minutes.

Theingyi Zei

The market ranges from east to west from Konzaydan Street to 24th Street, from north to south from Anawrahta St to Mahabandoola Rd. Zei means market in Burmese. Theingyi Zei is the second largest market after the Bogyoke Aung San market in Yangon. The original goods sold by the market are household goods and traditional textiles of Myanmar, but in recent years, the market is re-known for selling traditional Burmese botanical herbs, even organs and blood of snakes. In addition, you can buy traditional Myanmar shampoo and cosmetics which are said to have good effects in this market.


3、Shopping center in Yangon - Taw Win Center

  • Location: 45 Pyay Rd., Dagon Township (south of the National Museum), Yangon
  • What to buy: clothing, electronics, jewelry, furniture

Taw Win Center

Taw Win Center is the newest and largest shopping mall in Yangon with local food, drink and entertainment. There are 5 storey brand shops, mainly selling clothing, electronics, jewelry, furniture, etc., as well as restaurants, supermarkets, amusement centers, 3D cinema and other facilities to meet all your needs at once. There is also a largest bookstore in Yangon. If you are looking for shopping center in Yangon, you can’t miss this place.


4、Where to shop in Yangon - City Market(Myay Ni Ghone)

  • Location: 20 E 5th St, Kansas City, MO 64106-1102
  • What to buy: fresh food and imported products

City Market

City Market is the largest supermarket in Yangon, which sells a variety of imported products and fresh food from other countries. The size of the supermarket is relatively small. This supermarket is usually found in department stores and some high-end residential areas. Myanmar's manufacturing industry is underdeveloped, and all daily necessities are imported, so the price of the products of this market is relatively high. It is a useful shopping center for daily life in Yangon.


5、Where to shop in Yangon - J's Irrawaddy Dream

  • Location: 92 Strand Road, 2nd floor Strand Hotel
  • What to buy: Burmese silk, handicrafts and jewelry
  • How to get there: Take bus and get off at Hel Pin Station and walk, then can get there.

J's Irrawaddy Dream

In Yangon, you can buy all the handicrafts and jewelry that you want to buy in Myanmar. If you need to buy silk made in Myanmar, you must not miss this place. This shop also sells a wide variety of clothing, lacquerware, wood carvings, handicrafts, jewelry, etc.


Tips for buying jewelry in Yangon:

The quality of jade, ruby and pearls in Myanmar is the highest in the world, and many tourists come to buy it. However, the government's export of jewelry is strictly limited. It will be checked when it exit the country. Complete purchase procedures are required. If the quantity is too large, it will be heavily taxed. In addition, when you buy jewelry, if you are not really knowledgeable, it is very likely to buy a very general product at a very high price. So in general, it is not recommended to buy expensive jewelry.

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