Food in Yangon

In addition to famous attractions in Yangon such as Shwedagon Pagoda, Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda and  Karaweik Hall, you may interested in delicious food in Yangon. What to eat and where to eat in Yangon? In Yangon, there are many choices for dining. Some of best restaurants, which are close to embassy and lake are mostly in north of Yangon.


Conclusion of food in Yangon

Local foods in Yangon include curry-cooked fish, meat and vegetables. There are 6 main types of food in Yangon, respectively spicy food, oil food, fried food, food with sauerkraut, food with coconut and food with brown sugar. One dish that locals must eat every meal is fried shrimp paste.

If you want to taste local food in Myanmar, you can try to eat breakfast in the local tea shop. In these shops, there are a lot of cakes with milk tea and coffee. If you eat local dishes, except for curry, the best choices are rice noodles. The general Burmese restaurants offer menus at prices between 2000 kyats and 3000 kyats. You can just order a main course, then the waiter of the restaurant will serve the corresponding side dishes, vegetables, seasonings and rice for you.


What to eat in Yangon?

  • No.1 Food in Yangon - Tea leaf salad

Tea leaf salad

It is a local snack in Yangon even in Myanmar. This food is more accurately said to be fermented tea leaves. Burmese people often use tea as a dessert, but sometimes tea also appears as a raw material for tea leaf salad. Tea leaf salad can be a snack, a plate of appetizers, or a dish served with rice. How to make this dish? To make this dish, you need to mix the sour and slightly bitter tea leaves with the torn cabbage, sliced tomatoes, crispy beans, nuts and peas, then add garlic oil and chopped peppers. In addition to local restaurants, you can buy tea leaf salad in bags about 200 kyats per serving in grocery stores. You can buy it as gift for your friends or families.


  • No.2 Food in Yangon - Fish soup rice noodles

Fish soup rice noodles

The fish soup rice noodles in Myanmar is one of the Burmese delicious cuisines and can be used as a snack or as a staple food. Generally speaking, the office workers in Myanmar like to eat a bowl of fish soup rice noodles on the roadside before going to work in the morning, which is quick and can fill the stomach. In addition, fish soup rice noodles are sometimes used to entertain guests.


  • No.3 Food in Yangon - Milk Tea

Milk Tea

This is a street food that you must try in Yangon. This type of milk tea is made from a variety of teas that have been cooked with condensed milk. It is smooth and refreshing. You can go to Aung San Market and Chinatown to drink it. You can also drink it at the rest stop on the bus. But it hasn’t this drink in Chinese and Western restaurants, cafes and pastry shops. This drink is about 200 kyats to 300 kyats.


  • No.4 Food in Yangon - Coconut Juice

Coconut Juice

At the entrance of the Shwedagon Pagoda and Chaung–Tha Beach, there are many street vendors selling palm and coconut. This food is about 200 kyats to 400 kyats. There are coconut trees everywhere in Yangon. The food here is almost full of coconut meat, such as the favorite coconut milk noodles for locals in Yangon, coconut rice, coconut porridge and various kinds of snacks made from coconut meat. These are all authentic Burmese food. It is naturally delicious.


  • No.5 Food in Yangon - Glutinous Rice

Glutinous Rice

The glutinous rice in Yangon will be mixed with various seasonings and then served with dried meat or shrimp paste. The glutinous rice tastes very fragrant. The price of this food is about 500 kyats. It is also a food that you can try in Yangon.


  • No.6 Food in Yangon - Green Mango Salad / Green Papaya Salad

Green Mango Salad

When mango or papaya is not ripe or green, take it off the tree, cut it and mix it with salt, lemon juice, soy sauce, etc. Then a green mango salad or a green papaya salad is made. The price of this salad is about 200 kyats to 500 kyats. This is also a famous street food in Yangon.


  • No.7 Food in Yangon – Pastry of Moon Barkery

Pastry of Moon Barkery

Moon Barkery is a famous chain pastry shop in Myanmar. It has branches in Yangon and Mandalay's big shopping malls. Desserts, cakes, and set meals in the shop taste good and the price isn’t very high.


Tips for eating food in Yangon:

There is no habit of tipping in Myanmar, so don't worry about it in Yangon. But restaurants charge a 10% government tax in the price of the food. Burmese restaurants are slow to serve, so please be patient when dining in restaurants of Yangon. Burmese main food is rise, so they don’t use chopsticks but with forks and knives. Dumplings is also popular staple foods in Yangon.

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